Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Physical Therapy

Timeout Tuesday

This was physical therapy day and chiropractic again--twice a week for now. I need to use up the appointments the insurance gave me before my surgery because after that, I can't do any real execise. Twice this week, however, and twice next...Monday and Wednesday, I guess...and that's that. I hope my neck holds out during the bulk of my recovery. It's been doing well and I haven't had any headaches, but I've been working the muscles and getting the adjustments. At least for the first week, I don't think I will be able to get adjusted. After that? Guess I will wait and see.

However, the chiropractic clinic also has an acupuncturist. I spoke to her very briefly today and to my wonderful chiropractor. Both tell me that acupuncture would be a big help in both managing my pain and in helping to speed my healing. If I add that to my recovery, it might make a big difference.

I will also be benefitted by cat purrs!! Believe it or not, there is some fairly sound scientific research indicating that the frequency of a cat's purr has healing properties. The frequency of the purr matches that of harmonic frequencies that are known to heal bone, tendons, and tissues. Since I have four cats with super wonderful purrs, I will definitely be four up on the catless households as far as my recovery goes. All I need to do is station them in their usual locations around me when I am in bed and the therapy will begin. *G*

PT takes nearly all morning. I do a bunch of exercises for my neck and shoulders with weights, rubber band thingies, a big rubber ball, and some general flexing motions. Then I get a massage with acupressure and I have to lie for some 15 mintues in a neck stretcher thing that positions my neck with a natural curve. Then I go for my adjustment which takes another 15-20 minutes. I got there around 9 AM and left close to 11 AM. If I get the acupunture, that will add even more time. Good thing I am retired!!

I then stopped at Home Depot on the way home to pick up some supplies I need to make things a little easier for my horse care people and to fix a few little things around the yard that need repair. And, I stopped at the locksmith as well to get some spare keys made for my helpers and to ask about my back door. The lock mechanism has been stubborn the last few days, and I am going to have an expert look at it to see if it needs some adjustments. Again, it's something I can cope with, but not something I want to impose upon people doing me favors with the horse/cat care. The locksmith is coming tomorrow to look at it.

Needless to say, with the adjustment, I had already decided not to do anything with the horses. Too bad, actually because as the remainder of the afternoon wore on the sun actually came out!! You all remember the sun? Big, shiny bright thing in the sky? I nearly needed my sunglasses when I drove over to the sand company to pay my hay bill.

Got home, did the barn chores, and fed the Boys. It's dark now, so no sun. Wonder if it will appear again tomorrow? It's turned into a real novelty.


  1. You've had another busy day. Sounds like the acupuncture would be a good idea. I've know some people that it really helped quite a bit with their pain.
    Glad to hear you'll have extra help recovering with your cat purrs. I'd never heard that before, but it makes sense.

  2. Anonymous8:05 PM

    I'm a big believer in cat purr therapy - we have three - they won't all lie on the bed at once because two of them are perpetually getting in fights. But cats lead to healing - so you're in good shape!

  3. I feel your 'pain' on the physical therapy... You are right about it taking a long time. I only have a couple more weeks before I am set free.
    I think acupuncture sounds like a promising help to the healing and the cat purring.. well, it surely can't hurt!

  4. "the sand company to pay the hay bill"


    different, anyway!

    you did take note of what i said about telling the hospital about your neck? this is important!