Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Medical Leave

AM and PM

Doctors all day today. Chiro and physical therapy in the morning and my surgeon in the afternoon.

Nothing to report on the horse front, except that I will probably not be able to do much work for four weeks after my surgery--hysterectomy. Joy, joy. Don't know when it will be yet, but perhaps I will in a day or so.

My friend Donna, who lives not to far away, said she will be able to help with the horses. These are the times when having knowledgeable horse people in the area really makes a difference. Hopefully I can work it out to be a minimal imposition on her.

I figure I should be able to do most of the basic feeding. I don't have to carry hay bales, just flakes, and as long as the grain is in an accessible place that's OK too. Watering is another problem, but an addional hose the barn will help out there. I have one hooked up to the outside trough by the run in, so I need another one for the outside tub in the arena. It will be fine if all is taken care of before things start to freeze up.

So, complications at Follywood seem to be building, but so far it looks as if all will cope well with the situation.

Hope the weather holds tomorrow. Things seem to be drying out a little. I might be able to get some chores done and work a horse or two, or three.


  1. Anonymous8:15 PM

    So sorry - ouch - abdominal surgery can be trying. Let us know how you're doing - just wish I lived nearby so I could help out!

  2. That's not something to look forward to, but I'm sure it will all work out. It's good to have a friend to help after the surgery. Take it easy and heal quickly.Keep us posted on how you're doing and good luck for a speedy recovery after surgery.

    Hope you get a nice day tomorrow to work with the horses.

  3. Ouch. I hope they can do the version without an incision in the stomach wall. Good luck, when's the date?


  4. Oww. A friend of mine had one of those last year, and she was pretty incapacitated. We wouldn't let her feed or clean or help for at least three weeks.

    Hope all is well with your recovery.

  5. On the positive side: better nowadays than twenty years ago, as with all things medical; You will have a lovely buzz from some yummy drugs, even if only short term; You have friends. Let them do for you what you would surely do for them; You will have many things to blog about and time to blog.
    Wishing you well.

  6. Sorry to hear about your surgery. With as fit and active as you are, you should heal quickly, though. I had my daughter via cesarean section, the first few days were awful, but the incision healed up fairly quickly. I was back riding in 4 wks.

    So far so good on the weather, I'm hoping to get a horse worked tonight myself!

  7. ouchy.

    hosepipes are a must anyway, in my view, but get all that set up, and i have no doubt all your friends will rally round re sorting the horses out, keeping you fed, doing your laundry, etc. it's all too easy to try do to too much too soon ... DON'T.

    my mother and sister (and a number of cousins) have all had one .. but i gather it is not nearly as bad these days as it used to be, as caroline said.

  8. Oh my! Be sure to follow doctor's orders so you will have smooth recovery. Don't do too much - this will entail making sure you have plenty of help. I too wish I was close by to help. Thanks goodness for the entertainment of the web. It will help you pass the time.