Monday, November 16, 2009

All Quiet on the Sunday Front

And A Rather Hot Day

I went to church, went to lunch with my choir friends, and got home in time to change into something cooler so I could drive over to the tack store for the big $1000 drawing. The temperature was over 70 F, too warm to do much with three horses sporting their winter coats.

I didn't win. Again. I have been going for at least 10 years, perhaps more, and still no luck.

I did see Lisa Post there and we had a nice chat while we waited for them to draw the winning number. Lisa owns and operates Helping Hearts Equine Rescue in Perrineville, New Jersey, not far from my home. Some of you here in the US may have received emails from me to vote for Helping Hearts at the animal rescue site so the rescue can win a cash prize.
I am not sure if overseas Internet visitors can vote too, but if so, I'd surely appreciate your support for the rescue. Voting is free, and each click earns food for shelter pets as well. Once you click on the first page, look for the "Vote Now" button at the top of the page, click it, search for Helping Hearts Equine Rescue in New Jersey, vote, and then identify the animal in the picture.

But now that I have digressed, Lisa has done a remarkable job rescuing horses from the "kill pen" at the very local horse auction. She brings some of the horses to her own farm for rehabilitation/training/adoption, and manages to find foster or permanent homes for many more. She is by no means against euthanasia as an ulitmate end for horses with no hope of recovery, but does try to give all of them the best care, medical attention, and kindness possible instead of the horrible end at a slaughter house in Mexico or Canada.

Here on our continent, horse slaughter is far from humane, and is not at all a kind end. I know that may not be so in Europe, but until something is done to change the situation, horse rescues like Helping Hearts are trying to do their part.

However, there is a good flip side as well. Many of the horses sent to auction, are sound, healthy animals their owners no longer have a use for. Lisa has recently rescued two yearlings--a Thoroughbred and a Hanovarian--both with wonderful potential as riding/competition horses. For whatever reason, they too ended up in the kill pen, but now, both should have bright futures in new homes.

It was, as always, a pleasure to talk to Lisa and hear of her plans to expand the rescue so she can take in more horses. I wish I were in a position to do more myself, but I have no room here for another horse. As it is, three pushes the limits of my acreage. But, I am ever hopeful I will win a wonderful sum of money and some point and then be able to help out in a real way.

For now, I can just dream, and do what I can to support Helping Hearts.


  1. Sounds like we have similar luck in winning anything by random chance--none. Oh well. I'm glad you have a local equine rescue. As far as I can tell, there's not one in Idaho.

  2. I do not know how were your slaughter house, usually the kill has to be fast and not too stressful for the animal otherwise the quality of the meat won't be so good.

    I think the transport from the USA to Mexico or Canada MUST be stressful!

    The European slaughter houses have to follow very strict regulation, and are checked often, some are closed if things are not in order.

  3. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Sound like you got our weather from Saturday - it's much colder now. Glad there are good horse rescues out there - wish there were more and they could save more horses.

  4. muriel, the transport issue in europe still isn't sorted out, hence the petition to be signed for submission to your MEP/letter to be sent...if you want the link, let me know! in europe they are driven past 100's of abattoirs before reaching the final destination!

  5. Sorry you didn't win, sounds like you have my luck. Glad to hear there are some horses being rescued and rehabilitated. We need lots more people and places like Lisa. I wish her luck.