Thursday, November 05, 2009

Thanks Everyone

Good Wishes and Advice Always Appreciated

Still no word on the date of my operation, so I am waiting.

In answer to comments, I will have to have the full incision, not laparoscopic surgery. I did discuss this with my surgeon, but apparently I am not a good candidate. However, according to the doctor, the basic full recovery time is the same, I guess the hospital stay is just a little longer.

I ended up just lungeing Tucker and Chance today. I set up a little jump--about a foot just for variety. When I was working Tucker, Chance was still in the arena as I hadn't been able to easily herd him out when I brought them all in for the work.

For the most part, he stayed out of the way until I switched directions with Tucker. Then Mr. Chancypants decided to start romping around the arena. Bless Tucker's heart that he hardly reacted at all to the galloping idiot. But what was cute was that Chance jumped the little jump all on his own three or four times, with lots of extra air time! He was really soaring as if he were trying to show off.

Still, Tucker ignored him...good boy, and when he jumped, he kept his composure and did some nice relaxed work.

I lunged Chance anyhow, despite his solo exercise routine. Again, the funny thing with him is that he far prefers his neat little canter to trotting, so I had to check him up a few times to keep the trot. Trot builds muscle and canter develops stamina, so he needs lots of trot to gain strength. I do love his canter, though, so seeing him so willing to offer it is nice. And, he's pretty good about taking the correct lead nowadays.

After I finished the lunge work, I cleaned out under the run in roof on Chance's side, so that looks a lot better.

Not exactly what had planned, but still something worthwhile finished for the day.


  1. They both sound really cute. Glad you got to work with them today.

  2. Anonymous7:34 PM

    I like how you can work one while the other's in the arena - liked the "free jumping" too!

  3. I hope you get over your health problem ASAP (I miss a bit there O_o).

    I did not know that trot build muscles, and canter stamina, do you mean respiratory/circulatory/cardiac functions?

    I enjoy working at the trot, because it helps with diagonalising the horse, suppling. I did not know it was muscles building too!

  4. that should be 3 months off heavy work/lifting/carrying, then, for that op - sorry! otherwise your tummy muscles won't repair sufficiently

  5. Your boys sound like fun. Izzy is getting to the point where an occasional loose horse deciding to gallop around doesn't bother her, too. Hurray!

    :-/ Good luck with the surgery. If you lived on the same side of the country, I'd offer to come do chores while you recuperated.

  6. What a fun story of Chance jumping on his own initiative. It's so entertaining to watch horses having fun!