Saturday, November 28, 2009

Doesn't Look Too Promising

Windy Changes

Cool/cold and windy today and yesterday. I also had physical therapy yesterday, so that put me off riding. Today is even windier.

And, to top it off, Tucker lost his shoe again. My fault, I suppose as, since the wind had largely dried up the worst of the mud, I left him out all night. I guess that is not a good idea.

He is in now, although I may put him out later in the sunshine with a boot on for a little while. I have to be careful as the boot will chafe him if I leave it on too long. However, if it settles down tomorrow, I could possibly take him out for a woods ride with the boot on. It's not exactly a good way to ride at much more than a walk as one boot on and one off makes the horse too unbalanced.

Or, perhaps Scott will get here and put a shoe on. This week is five weeks since the last shoeing, so we are pretty much on target as far as their being due anyhow. I hope Scott had me on the list but I also hope he didn't have me scheduled for Thursday--that's surgery day.

I called him back to tell him and left a message, so we'll just have to wait and see how it all pans out.

I will probably go pick up a load of feed today, but I'm not sure about any riding due to this wind. I am too close to the woods to risk getting hit by falling debris.

Which reminds me of the "why" of my caution. I attended an event where there were a good number of fox hunters and during the course of the evening, I heard a story of a young lady who was killed by a falling tree branch during a Thanksgiving foxhunt on a very windy day. I recalled that day, mostly because it was the year one of the big balloons at the New York Thanksgiving Day parade broke loose, hit a lampost and seriously injured some spectators. Both those stories have made me far less cavalier about riding in the winds--especially this time of year.

If anything interesting happens during the day, I'll be back. *S*


  1. I don't blame you for not riding in the wind. I won't do it anymore since I got injured from a bad fall in the wind once.
    A huge standard blew over just as we were passing it, my horse spooked and I came off injuring my hip. So no more windy rides for me. It's supposed to be nice tomorrow though so you might be able to catch a ride. Good luck with the shoe.

  2. Anonymous11:04 AM

    I don't ride in the wind either - we don't have too many big trees to fall around here, but the wind makes my horses antsy and I just don't like it myself.

  3. Even here, we CANCEL the riding school because of the wind. It is simply too dangerous.
    I do not mind snow, rain.
    But wind or fog really distrub me. As I do not feel confident and comfortable myself, how can I ask my horse to be it for me ???

    very wise to stay in.