Sunday, November 29, 2009

Change of Plans

Sunny Sunday

It was a gorgeous day. I left Tucker inside...still shoeless while I was in church. I had a beautiful solo in our choral piece this morning and it went very well, making a good start to the day.

Instead of going out to lunch, I came home because R, my young rider, was coming for a lesson. I cleaned stalls, picked the arena, put Tucker's boot on and turned him out for the afternoon. He, Toby, and Chance all shared the pasture and arena until the lesson started and then they all stayed out in just the pasture.

R. doesn't quite yet have the concept of making her horse round on her own, but with my help, she gets it nicely. I did have her do some elementary jumping exercises as well, because her mare tends to rush the jumps a little. By setting ground poles before and after the little fence, we were able to make her horse check her stride on her own, and start to jump in a more relaxed and correct way.

After we finished the lesson, I saddled Chance and got on him for a few minutes myself just to be sure he was not going to be silly. Quite a change from the other day when he was supercharged. He was quite his lovely self today, so I soon set R. in the saddle instead of me. She did a nice job of riding him. Again, the on the bit skill was a little beyond her, but every once in a while his head did come down where it belonged. Still, though, even with his head a bit higher than is should have been, he looked really nice.

However, he also looked really big. R. is a petite rider and it was quite a revelation to see someone her size on Chance. It altered my perspective pretty radically. I do not think of him as a big horse--compared to Tucker, he is small--but there was nothing small about him with R. on his back. And, his gaits are really nice too.

We'll see how it goes during my recovery. At least I know R. can ride him well enough, so that's a good start.


  1. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Glad your solo went well! It's good that R can do some riding for you while you're recovering - she sounds quite a capable young rider.

    Please be sure to let us know as soon as you can that your surgery has been accomplished - later this week I think? - and that you are recovering.

    Keeping you in thoughts.

  2. It's going to be a good partnership between R and Chance. I'm sure during your recovery you'll be happy to have her riding and also be able to give a few lessons to keep your sanity.

    I think your surgery is Thursday and wish you luck. Please let us know how it went and how you are feeling when you can. I remember when I got my knee done that the hospital had internet service so I took my laptop and used it to keep from being too bored.

  3. Glad your lesson went well. I hope R and Chance will develop a nice relationship.

    Rehgarding horses being silly, you can never truts them to act fine everyday. Two weeks ago, I had to put away Victoria, the therapeutic riding pony, because she just has that weird light in her eyes. She was acting out-of-character. I took another poney for working. They are living being, and perhaps they have headache, bad nightmarres or else.

    That is why I ALWAYS do a couple of minutes of ground-work before I mount Teena, just to check in which mood she is.

  4. it's always a revelation when someone else gets on one's horse.

    that's a good idea about the internet in hospital, if you have a laptop (or can borrow one?)