Friday, November 13, 2009

Hurricane Passing By

Tucker waits for dinner.
So I Took Pictures

Hurricane Ida was coming up the coast all day. I figured it was going to rain hard, but it never did. I'd put Tucker out by himself in the arena and ended up taking an unexpected nap for most of the supposedly rainy afternoon. It did rain...sort of, but nothing like what I'd expected.

When I went out for evening feed, what did I find? Turned out all by himself looking like this?
H-m-m-m-m-m. No place to rip that sheet inside the arena. I wonder.....

Could this innocent face have something to do with it????

Or, more likely, this one?
A portrait of seasonal contrasts. The leaves are golden and the holly bright red. And look who's waiting on the front porch for the holidays!! (Just put him in place of the jack 'o' lantern. *G*)
Wonder if it will rain tonight as predicted?


  1. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Good grief! What brand and denier is (was) that sheet? That's not a tear - that's devastation! Who needs a hurricane? Love the pictures of the boys - more, please!

  2. What a handsome herd. I don't think that sheet can be fixed though, looks like someone was playing hard today. Cute little snowman but I'm not crazy about the 'Let It Snow' sentiment. Have a good weekend.

  3. What a bunch of hooligans they are!
    I love their very expressive faces.

    Yep agree with GHM not too sure about "let it snow" *rolled eyes*

  4. Definitely beyond repair! Must have been great fun though. How thoughtful of you to provide them with quality toys to play with. At least you can throw it away rather than put it on the "to repair" pile. Or maybe you can just hang it on a plastic horse statue so they can have fun ripping it some more.

    I think we got your rain.

  5. oops. made a job of that one!