Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Grumble, Grumble....G-r-r-r-r-r

Beeeeoootiful Day!!!

The morning was to die for. Cool, fresh, lovely and my knee hurts so much I have trouble walking!! Talk about bummed out.

I swept out the barn, and semi-cleaned the feed room. Everything needs a full clean-up out there, but for now it's passable.  I have to sort and clean the rugs/sheets/blankets again and build the new storage bin I bought to put them in.  I may be able to handle some of that today even in my debilitated condition.  And, I need to go get the storage bin for the garbage cans by the house to foil the greedy raccoon who keeps raiding me. That too might be something I can do today.

I also need to go to the municipal building to research a local issue that will fire up our campaign.  And I need to go pay for my hay.

All these can be accomplished with a limp, I fear.  This does remind me of what I did to my right knee nearly two years ago--I was still teaching in the other school, then. If so, it will get better on its own. If not, I will know in a week or so.  With knees like mine, the damage is done. There isn't much a doctor can do. Injections will tighten the ligaments which helps, or lubricate the joint, which might help, or take down any swelling--which depends on whether there really is any swelling. So for now, I will limp in my brace.

The Boys were out in the pasture this morning. It's been so dry there really isn't much grass, but when I mowed the other day, I did find some nice green stuff amidst the weed patch in the shady area. I have a feeling they found it too as Chance was over in that direction.  I think it's the first time they've actually gone out there since the mowing.  The heat and the flies have been so unbearable the barn was a far more comfortable option.

Which leads to the hay situation. We are kind of in the middle of hay season here. I have a chance to get a fair amount of last year's hay at a good price.  I'll do that since this is my regular hay supplier and he's ready to deliver some more today.  What a prefer, as do the Boys, is the second cutting hay.  It is less stemmy and softer to eat so they like it a whole lot more. We'll see just how much of it shows up in this delivery which, apparently, is a mixture of first and second cuttings.

For Claire, I posted this picture a while back of the Lazy River and the tubes. So here, for the enjoyment of all. You ride around on these plastic circular tubes. There is a current in the water that pulls you along. It's not usually as crowded as in the picture, though, so it is a bit more relaxing. Actually, that picture was taken by the lap pool, shown in the left background and the water slide to the right.  It's a "get out of the river" point instead of a "get in the river point."   
Here is another picture of the facility. The Lazy River is in the front and to the left. Further to the left is the wading pool for little kids. In the center is the Lily Pad crossing and Log crossing activity. Outside the photo to the far left is the family pool and the lap pool where I swim is outside the picture to the right.  Only on hot weekends and holidays is the place as crowded as it looks in the picture. Even then there is usually plenty of room to swim and enjoy yourself.  There are picnic areas on the perimeter and covered areas for shade.  There is a snack bar--I've never visited--and two sets of bathrooms with showers and hot water.  My membership for the season is about $230 or so as I am NOT a resident of East Brunswick, the Township that owns and runs the facility.  If I lived there, it would be about half that.  There are lifeguards all over and the place is well-staffed and maintained.  Here's an even better picture of the Lazy River.


  1. I feel your pain! Oh well, I suppose it's a good day to just sit outside with your feet up and enjoy the weather, while it lasts. I think the mercury will be climbing back up to unbearable this weekend.

  2. Anonymous12:10 PM

    Well, if you can't ride at least you have your (usual) long list of other productive things to do! I don't have a limp and I doubt that I'll get anywhere near as much done this week.

  3. Rest and ice. Hmm it's hot and you have a lot to do.

  4. It's a beautiful day and I feel bad for that you can't ride. Seems like you've got plenty to keep you busy though. Try not to over do it though and rest that knee.

    The lazy river looks like a fun ride for a hot lazy summer day.

  5. that pool facility looks excellent, and it's good that there's a separate pool for lane swimming - nothing worse than trying to do laps and having to spend your time avoiding people who aren't!

    the rings, of course, now i see them i know what you mean.

    otherwise - with kate.

    and i do hope you find some relief for the knees...

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