Thursday, June 17, 2010

Not Much To Report

Still Have a Cold

I am still feeling icky from my cold--mostly tired and I've been coughing. All I want to do is rest when I get home from school.

Tucker looked pretty good again tonight, but I didn't lunge him to see. Perhaps in the morning...

To answer some of the questions and suggestions:  Tucker has been on a low carbohydrate feed now for several months. I have cut his feed back to 1/3 of what he was getting, so, yes, he is on a diet.  I will be switching over to another brand of low carb, high fat feed as soon as the other stuff I have is gone.  I will also be trying some oil supplements as Caroline had suggested to me.

X rays really did not show any abnormalities in his foot, including any real sign of laminitis. So in that department, we seem to be OK.  The same goes for navicular.

He currently has a heel pad on that foot and a rocker toe shoe with trim, etc. angled ideally according to the X ray.  Scott is an excellent shoer and he always does what's best for Tucker. In this case he has gone far beyond in an effort to get Tucker sound.  He is as puzzled as my vet.

I'm sure I could spend a fortune on all kinds of other tests to see what might be going on, including nerve blocks, but I'm not particularly in a situation to do that right now.

So it's back to wait and see......


  1. Anonymous7:09 AM

    I'm sure you've investigated this already - could it be somewhere other than the foot - shoulder or back? Hope your cold gets better fast.

  2. Hope your cold gets better soon. Summer colds are miserable. We've been thinking about a nerve block for Grady, but not just yet. He seems to have all the same symptoms as Tucker and the farrier and vet are working together here too. Maybe by some miracle one day they will both be sound again and their mystery lameness will disappear. Not likely, but we can hope for the best.

  3. Sending you get well wishes! Summer colds really are the pits.

    Hope the mystery resolves itself soon!! It would just be son nice if they could just 'speak up' and let us know what's going on... fanciful wishing :)