Thursday, June 10, 2010

Recipes and Rain

More Rain Today

A downpour started when I was in the pool, but there was no thunder, so I managed to finish my laps.

More rain rained on the way home.  I have a campaign meeting tonight too, so waiting for things to dry out is not an option.  So I am sitting in a nice soft bathrobe, just relaxing. 

As for the recipes...unfortunately, we no longer have the sour cherry trees.  They died off some years ago, so, Mary Lou, no pie for me. But pie or no pie, if you do cross this way a visit would be a joy. 

The crumble recipe is a cinch, from the looks of it, and well worth the effort.  But the ripe berries are weeks away.  But this is the USA, as I recall, I did see some in the supermarket recently...better yet, there were raspberries there, and blueberries. Trouble it, anything like that requires eating and I am here by myself as the sole responsible eater of all things delicious.  I do try to avoid the sweets as much as I can.  (I deny the presence of a gallon of Breyers chocolate chip raspberry ice cream in my freezer......) 

The Boys were by the barn when I got home but they vanished as soon as my car pulled into the drive.  Talk about avoidance!  I did put their feed in the stalls and called them in, but they remained invisible.  I will have to check on Tucker's shoes and feel later, for sure, but for now I am not slogging out to see. 

I think sunshine is back in the forecast for tomorrow, but the weekend seems to have more thunderstorms ready to arrive.  I'll have to time my swimming at the outdoor pool to avoid them. 

And, ah yes, I will have to time my horsework plans accordingly as well.  *sigh*


  1. I hope it doesn't rain all weekend, I'd like to get some horse work done as I'm sure you would. Hope your meeting goes well tonight.

  2. What cheeky boys to leave when you arrive! I would have not given them any food. Bad manners equal no food. I bet they would have called you next time you walk past!

    It is something I am quite pecular about, Teena ALWAYS comes to me. I make sure of it. If she does not it is a sign that she is not feeling well, or that I have upset her by asking too much. So she sulks. Therefore I need to adjust my training/care for her.

    With the weather being so out-of-whack, have you thought about building a round-pen? Not made of brick and mortar, but with some light fencing (your boys are trained, they won't jump out of it), and use some tent-type-fabric for the roof.
    It would be an investment, but worthy, the boys can also use it as protection against sun and rain. When it snows you can dismount the tent roof.

    Yes I have put lots of thinking into it, because if I have horses at home, it is what I would do ;-D

  3. berries inthe freezer when they are ripe, then you've always got some

    works with rhubarb too (but add raspberry jam to the rhubarb for sweetening and flavour)

    are we off topic here? tee hee