Friday, June 04, 2010

Hot Again....

So No Horsework....

It was just too miserable when I got home from school today.  I was supposed to give my friend a lesson on Toby, but she canceled, which was just fine with me and, I am sure, fine with Toby.

I hooked up the fans and set one in front of each stall to give the Boys some relief.  They were out in the pasture when I got home, so the flyspray must have been doing something good. 

The big news of the day is that the door to the tack/feed room fell off.  It was loose last night and I managed to get the door closed, but this morning, when I went to open it, the whole thing crashed off the side of the barn as the frame had come loose from the wall.  Fortunately I wasn't under the darn thing as it's pretty heavy and the top of the dutch door was open and facing away from me.  Whew!!

I pondered all day as to how I was going to fix this, deciding that while I am sure I COULD do it I wasn't at all sure I WANTED to do it myself.  The guy who cut down my trees said he did all kinds of handyman stuff, so I was prepared to call him but then, a stroke of luck! 

My friend, C, who took the lesson on Toby has a handy husband--the kind of guy who likes to fix stuff.  She said she'd talk to him and sure enough he was quite eager to take on the challenge.  The deal is that I will trade a couple riding lessons for the work.  Good for me, good for C, and good for my barn. 

I've asked him to fix Tucker's doorframe too and reenforce the other door frames that are hung the same way.  No point in having this happen all over again because the other ones give way too.  Guess the lifespan of the original build was right around 13 years?  Hope my house remodeling lasts longer. *sigh*  (Then again, I have a high quality Anderson door that has needed replacement parts twice already in a 15 year span.....h-m-m-m-m.) 

Thunderstorms may come through tonight and early tomorrow morning.  But it doesn't look as if they are going to break the heat much.  And, of course, the mosquitoes and another annoying flying pests that like the wet will thrive. 

And my lawn, which I just mowed needs it again.  My one mower is at the repair shop so I can't do the paddocks where the weeds are getting pretty tall. 

Guess I'll just hang around watching the grass grow under my feet.....for now....


  1. Hot hot for us ... at last! I do not like heat, but I liek to have the right temperature for teh right season.

    I am not keen of this weird funny weather.

    Good deal for your door. I think trading services is much better than money.

  2. I'm glad you found a good way to have your door fixed. Trading lessons for carpentry sounds like a good idea all around. It's raining here off and on too. I hate the bugs and humidity but we'll have to deal with it.

  3. I think bartering is highly underrated/underused so good for you to trade lessons for handywork! You should do more of that.

  4. i'm so glad you weren't under that!