Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lungeing Again

When Evening Falls

On a hot day like today, the choices are limited.  Either work the horses in the morning or wait until evening.  It wasn't supposed to be so hot, according to the forecast, but my car thermometer was reading 87F when I came home from the library.

Library, you say?? Oh, it was the annual used book sale and my running mate was voluteering so we figured it'd be good for me to show my face too.  As it turned out, there were not a lot of people there, but I did meet some of the library insiders, which is always a good thing. And I ended up buying three books.  One was another copy of "The Silent Miaow" by Paul Gallico and the other two were novels related to "Gone With the Wind."  One was "Scarlett" which I may have read years ago...or not...and the other was one I'd never seen before, a telling of Rhett Butler's story.  Should make for some fun reading during the summer. 

Then, I headed off to the tack store for the annual Customer Appreciation Day.  I missed most of the festivities, but I did get some horse treats on sale, some supplement for Tucker, and some gloves with very tacky palms which, as it proved out, really helped me hold my soft but slippery new lunge line.

Fed the Boys and headed out for a swim.  Then, I went shopping again at another store to catch a sale item and then decided to have dinner out for a change.  Appleby's has an oriental chicken salad I really like, so I treated myself. 

All that done, I finally went out to the barn to lunge the Boys.  Tonight, I managed to work all three.

Tucker was spot on.  He is still nice and sound and gave me some very good, obedient work.  Lots of transitions between trot and canter sharpen him up nicely and he was going well forward.  He was quick to my voice commands and earned a big carrot reward.

Toby let himself into the aisle of the barn only to realize too late that he'd trapped himself into a lungeing session as well.  He is always nearly perfect on the lunge line and we too had a good little workout ended with a carrot.

Chance finished up the night with a good session too.  I did quite a few transitions with him as well, but he doesn't always come back down to trot on the first command the way Tucker does.  Still, I won't complain.  His repsonses are improving all the time and he is really listening to me.  He got a carrot, of course.

So it was a busy day.  No grass grew under my feet, that's for sure......


  1. Anonymous7:32 AM

    Love The Silent Miaow! No longer have a copy, and wish I did. Glad lungeing went well, and hope things cool down for you.

  2. sounds like a good day! don't think our libraries have sales, i've never seen one...

  3. 87 is hot, too hot to ride comfortably but an easy lunge is a good option.

    When I was very young, a loonngg time ago, Gone With the Wind captured my imagination. It was the first of that type of book I had read and I was hooked. I had to read it in secret though as my father disapproved!

    Wonderful that Tucker is still sound!