Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Back Out

But Not From the Horses

I slept in some kind of strange position and threw my back out.  It's not too bad, but I opted out of riding tonight.

But I did go to the Township Council meeting with C and CH to present our concerns regarding horses and cars on our roadways.  Apparently, the Township makes its own signs, so with a bit of time to find out what would be legal to post and where the signs could be posted, we may actually get some safety signs out there.  These would inform drivers of the 25 mph speed limit and the need to obey rider's hand signals. 

Before the meeting, I tackled a few of the weeds and vines growing out of control all over my fencing and paddocks.  I'm still waiting for the big mower to get fixed, so I was working by hand.  I may try out the weed whacker on some of the greenery, but a lot of it might be too much for the strings.  If I can get the DR Trimmer working, that might do some of the work for me--better even if I could put the cutting blade on that.

But save it all for another day when my back is adjusted--tomorrow evening.

I did swim, which felt good. 

And the Boys came over to "help" with the trimming efforts.  I think they appreciated that I managed to clear a wider swath through the gate to the pasture so they don't have to duck past the rose vines on one side and the blackberry bushes on the other. 

Nature and the forest are determined to take over my land.  Greenery is nice to some degree, but not to the "NTH" degree. 

The battle begins. 


  1. Anonymous8:53 PM

    Ouch - hope your back feels better soon.

  2. Hope your back feels better soon. I bought a special attachment for my weed whacker that's made of metal - no more strings. It makes short work of even the toughest vines and weeds.

    Good luck getting the signs posted. I didn't know the Townships made them themselves...that explains the randomness. *G*

  3. ah, but think about blackberry pie and crumble in the autumn - a good freezer stocker, and all for free...