Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Well, This Is Interesting

Limping Less, If At All????

I went to a retirement dinner after school, so I didn't do much more than feed the Boys when I first got home.

I was back again, near dark, and I took Tucker out on the lunge line for about a minute, just to see how much he was limping.  For all intents and purposes, except when I thought I surely must be seeing a lame step, he was sound again. 

He was fussing about the deerflies which were really bad out there again--humid, hot and thunderstorms predicted.  So, I didn't do a thorough test, or work him on much more than a small circle, but there wasn't much sign of a limp.  I don't think he was moving out quite as willingly as he was the last time I lunged him for real, so he may be a bit tentative, but.....

What the heck is going on?? Could there be something going on aggravated by the wet ground?  When it was dry, he seemed soundest. Then we had some rain and wetter footing conditions.  I left him in his stall one day, with dry fresh shavings and the bandaged foot. Then I turned him out last night and all day today.  We've had no rain, so the ground is pretty dry.

Any and all ideas welcome, including fantastical speculation. 

I will try him again tomorrow to see how he looks. 

This is decidedly strange. 


  1. It's a mystery to me. We seem to have the same thing going on here. One day on another day off.

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  3. Have him fitted for wheels and quit worrying?

  4. Have you tried to put him on diet? If I remember he is quite on the chubby side.

    I bet you have already done it, but perhaps check things towards a low grade laminitis. I find this website when searching for Teena.

    Teena is much better now on "diet" she still has plenty of hay, but less and less heating food, and no cereals. She is much better for it, calmer too .. if only I could find a decent farrier ....

  5. 你不能決定生命的長度,但你可以控制它的寬度..................................................................

  6. oh my what a mystery Mr Tucker is!!

    Just throwing this out there... have the x-rays shown any possible navicular changes? My retired mare developed navicular disease and for quite a long time we had similar symptoms of on again, off again lameness.

    Just some speculation.


  7. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Sorry the mystery issue continues - those things are so hard to figure out.

  8. Here's some wild speculation: his feet are somewhat tender, so when the ground is wet, they're even softer and he limps to compensate. When the ground dries, his feet do as well, which makes them tougher and him sounder.

    As I said, wild speculation. Best of luck!