Tuesday, June 29, 2010

In K'need of Attention

Or Something

I've done something to my left knee. It hurts a lot more than usual.

That does not leave a lot of options. Like Tucker, I can just wait and see.  I tend to do that with my knees at this point since they are so bad anyhow.

If I go to the one doctor who can do something, it will cost me $600 out of pocket since the insurance company considers his treatments "experimental" and no longer chooses to cover them.

If I try the orthopedic doctor, then surgery will probably come up again, something I'd rather avoid. I am most likely a candidate for replacement surgery at this point and I'm not ready to face that.

Doctor #3 might be able to do something, or might not. I was going to have him do some injections back in February, but then the teaching job came up and derailed my plans.  He wanted x-rays and such at that point and time kind of got away from me. I figure I will need new prescriptions from him before I can do anything. Since he's only at the office on Mondays, that leaves me a week to think about it.

I can walk, and the swimming was OK, so I'll do my own physical therapy for the time being. As well, I do have knee braces to wear, and I am.

The hot weather did not yet break as predicted, so I didn't even entertain working the Boys.  Just as well since I am limping.  And the flies are biting, that's for sure. The Boys seem to be spending most of their time in the barn by the fans. The breeze both cools them a bit and keeps the flies off.  I do use bug spray on them too, but I don't like to use too much.  They seem to be doing fine.

Better than I am in this heat. But the pool felt great yesterday. The water was warm and comfy.

Bit of excitement there.  I was riding around the Lazy River and there was a little girl nearby who was a tiny thing, and just barely able to stay properly seated in her tube. Her mom was a bit behind us when suddenly, the little one tumbled out, not far from me. I was just out of range as she struggled in the water, grabbing for the edge against the current. In a second, one of the lifeguards was in the water and rescued her.  I managed to snag his flip flops before they floated out of range and tipped out of my own tube.  No biggie for me as the water is only about 3 feet deep. They told me to just get to the steps a bit further on and then have someone help me back into my tube.

I am not sure if I could have gotten to the little girl if the lifeguard had been farther away, but I was surely ready to try. I am happy to report that a few minutes later, the little girl was safely in her mother's lap on that tube, laughing, waving and giggling happily as they floated along for a few more turns around the river.

A happy ending was had by all.


  1. Anonymous2:26 PM

    So sorry about the knee - that can really hurt. Hope some doctor can do something that will make things better!

  2. I sympathize with you and your knee. Hope you find one of those doctors helpful. I think if it was me I'd bite the bullet for the $600 and do that if it's the one treatment that really helps. Meanwhile, it might be good if you could try and rest it most of the day, when your horse duties are done. Good luck and feel better.

    Glad the little girl was okay. Kids and water scare me, I'm so glad my granddaughter takes swimming lessons.

  3. glad the girl is fine, even if your knees aren't...

    but i don't get the concept of the lazy river and tubes?

  4. sorry about the knee :( I am feeling your pain... Hopefully with some rest and home PT you can get it under control.
    Thinking of You!

  5. Well, at least there's one nice thing about the miserable weather: it's giving us gimps time to recuperate. *L*

    Hope your knee gets to feeling better soon. In the meantime, a float down the River sounds divine. Minus tube mishaps, that is.