Saturday, June 05, 2010

Bit of a Lunge

And a Bit of a Plunge

The heat continues, although there was a bit of a breeze as the evening came in.

I went to the feed store in the AM and got the Purina low starch feed.  It has a little more starch/sugar then the feed I was using, but it is $6 a bag cheaper.  And today it was 20% off, so it was a good deal. 

The battery on the truck was dead when I tried to start it, so I had to put the charger on it.  I need to drive the truck once a week, I think, as the computers and all do use battery power when it just sits.  But now I need to drive it a far amount in order to reset the computers anyhow.  I took it to get the feed.

And then, I took it to the swimming pool where I did 12 laps today in some wonderfully comfortable water.  It felt great!  Afterwards I went around the Lazy River three times and came home. 

Inspired by the hint of a breeze, I went out to lunge the Boys again.  This time, I set up a little jump for them just to make it interesting.  Because of the heat,  I didn't work anyone too hard, but just enough to warm up and then jump over the obstacle four times in each direction. 

Toby was really bothered by the deerflies again.  He was a bit fussy, but once more super on the lunge.

Tucker, to my surprise, was not too fussy about the flies, but he was his usual lazy self and didn't expend too much extra energy on the jump.  Fine by me as I don't want him careening around quite yet. 

Chance was also bugged by the flies and had to stop to rub his face during the first circle around me.  I do have to laugh, acutally as when he first came here and I raised the whip to flick it at him, he panicked an tore off.  Now, when I crack it, snap it, whap the ground with it, and make all kinds of threatening gestures to encourage him to keep going, he nonchalantly keeps up whatever pace he's in, completely calm about the whole thing.  Apparently, my desensitizing worked a little too well. *lol*   He did jump nicely though, so we ended on a good note as well.

I will ride, eventually. But I'll have to put the bug armor on when I saddle up, which takes twice as much time.  It's no fun in the heat. 

But, as they say, I'll get around to it.....


  1. This heat is horrible, and I usually love heat! And the bugs are like a plague. I don't blame you for not riding. And I'm sure the boys appreciate it, too. I sure wouldn't want to work in this weather while wearing a fur coat!

  2. I'm envious of your heat. We've had nothing but rain for weeks.

  3. I'd rather live in an igloo than put up with all your bugs.

  4. Hot but not too humid yet. I am NOT complaining LOL!

    Clinton Anderson says with desensitizing and sensitizing is always a constant-work to achieve the right balance.

    Personnally I prefer a hot horse a bit more desensitized and a lazy horse to be a bit more sensitized.

    Right now I am working on desensitizing Teena's ears. I now can rub her right ear with my hand, I can "touch" left ear with my hand and rub it with a brush ... sigh... she does not forget easily rough handling, even if it was not mine!

  5. Anonymous6:55 AM

    We've got the deerflies now, too - they're absolutely the worst (after the black flies) and the horses hate them. I've been poisoning myself with Mosquito Halt trying to keep them at bay. We've got cooler weather so perhaps some will head your way soon.

  6. Everything is harder in the heat. When you win the lottery you can install AC in your indoor arena!

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