Thursday, July 01, 2010

Huge Improvement

Knee is Feeling Better

I am sooooo tempted to push it yet tonight as there is a nice cool breeze.  But I am forcing myself to give my knee at least one more evening off.  If it still feels good in the morning, I think I will try riding just a bit. It is such a shame to waste this weather!!

It did get a bit hot this afternoon, but with the lower humidity, it still wasn't bad. The morning was, again simply beautiful.  And, as I've already said, tonight will chill off too. Then the heat starts to come back in.

The Boys are enjoying the weather without me, spending some time out in the pasture. But without rain, the grass is pretty dry and not growing at all.  I do have plenty of hay for them as my guy delivered some yesterday.

I am adding oil to Tucker's food, following Caroline's suggestions and treatment for Campero, just in case Tucker has some of the same metabolic issues. I already have him on a low carb feed as noted before.  This is Purina's new mix pellets:  Healthy Edge.  Of course, I haven't been working him enough to notice if there is any difference yet, but as long as he stays sound, I may be able to find out on the good weather, no bad knee days.

I had a rehearsal today for the duet I am singing in church on Sunday.  We are singing, "Pie Jesu," by Andrew Lloyd Webber. It is a rather vocally challenging piece with a repeated leap to a high A flat for me in the lead part.  This is not usually a problem, but this time of year sometimes my voice is not at maximum capacity as I am bothered by allergies and, of course, the cold I just recovered from.  So, since it's cooled off a bit, I am avoiding the swimming pool as I do tend to get water into my head when I swim.  I use earplugs, but I probably should add a nose clip too.  Trouble is, I will be singing again the following Sunday so I need to try to keep my voice in shape next week too.  Nose clip is a quick future purchase, I think.....

Actually, when I swam the other day, my knee hurt too much anyhow, unlike the first time I swam after the injury.  I'm still not sure what I did, exactly, whether it was a wrong step or the little bump I got when I walked into the hay cart. It was not a serious collision, but when my knees are as fragile as they are, I suppose that could have been the trigger.  Regardless, as long as it's getting better, I'm fine with it.

Oh, yes! I should have reported before on Skechers Shape Ups.  I tried a pair about two months before school let out and fell in love with them. If you have seen the advertising, these shoes are designed to help you get fit simply by walking in them.  They create a rolling motion to the foot that transfers through all the leg joints and muscles to add tone.  But, they also help bad joints! Honestly. I did not realize how much they were helping me until one day when I went on one of my marathon shopping sprees. I had on another pair of good walking shoes, but as I was heading out of one of the last stores on my list, my legs ached so horribly, I was nearly ready to call it quits.  I had my Shape Ups in the car in my gym bag as I'd taken them off when I'd change to go swimming the day before.  On a whim, I put them on.  Two steps across the parking lot and suddenly the aches in my legs disappeared!!

I've been wearing my Shape Ups nearly everywhere ever since.  I got some good deals buying some pairs on eBay as I know my size and have just recently purchased a pair to wear when I am working around the barn.  The difference between them an regularly soled shoes is amazing for me.  They are on the expensive side, but well worth the investment so far...and, as I said, eBay deals can be pretty good.  I am a bit of a "shoe nut" actually, so I now have a pretty good collection.

I did not have my Shape Ups on when I hurt my knee.  


  1. Anonymous8:16 PM

    I wonder if those shoes would help with back problems? Hmm . . . may have to look into that.

    So glad that your knee is feeling a bit better - don't push it!

  2. It's good to hear that your knee is starting to come around. This weather is gorgeous, I was sorry I couldn't ride today either.

    I was wondering about those Sketchers, I think you've convinced me to give them a try. I'll put them on my list of future purchases. Thanks.

  3. It's amazing what a good pair of shoes can do. I'm a fivefingers kind of girl, but I respect different ideas. ;-)

  4. Lots of hopeful things and the pleasure of singing too. Who can resist a comfortable and stylish shoe?

  5. Hello there. Sorry for missing out. I have been very busy with Olly.
    Good to hear about the Shape up shoes. I was thinking to buy a pair but I thought they were a gimmyck. Good to know they work.

    I need to check on Caroline's advice. She is a Horsewoman with a great experience in horse health!