Sunday, June 20, 2010

Great Suggestions All

After School's Out Again

I will once more be retired and things will be a lot easier. I can get up early to do something with the Boys before the lazy routine of the day catches up with me.  And I do like the suggestion of setting a time each day to devote to the Boys.

As far as taking in a boarder...I have no more room.  My land is maxed out with three.  I'd thought about that when PJ died, but after some long consideration decided I'd rather not take on the responsibility of someone else's horse.  Nor was I too keen about having someone coming here at all hours.  I'd never quite be able to restrict someone access to their horse at my convenience.  I might be willing to let someone come to ride now and then on a lease or trade deal for lessons and work, though. But I'm not quite ready for that either.

As far as trading work for lessons, that is an option.  But the one offer I had was for kids and that concerns me again as the "teacher" in me tends to realize that kids need supervision.  And I wouldn't want them driving my tractor or lawn equipment. And I don't really have the spare money at the moment to pay for help.  Maybe in a year or so when some of my other retirement benefits kick in, but not now.

Actually, at least for now, I am quite capable of getting all the work done myself--except for a few heavier jobs that need doing.  For those, I do have some viable options.  But, this morning when I went out to feed the Boys at about 8:30 AM or so--late on the weekend--I was soaked in sweat just doing the morning chores becuase it was so hot and humid already!  I really, really need to mow the lawn but....yuck!! What a dreadful prospect.  I am trying to psych myself up to just go out and do it. 

It looks as if the hoof packing did not stay in Tucker's hoof too well, but I only took a little look.  He was pulling his "go into Toby's stall and eat his food" routine on me, so I was chasing him more than examining his feet.  Toby used to be more aggressive about Tucker's attempted invasions, so I am a little surprised.  Either Tucker has moved up in herd rank, or Toby just doesn't care.  He does tend to eat and then crib, so he does get distracted.

Again, once school is out, I will lock Tucker in his stall for his meals.  The difficulty when I am going to work every day is that once in a while I lock him in and forget I've done about getting distracted.  Then, he's stuck in there all day, which in not usually my intention.  Then again, if I made it part of my regular routine, I'd be more likely to open his door as a habit, and not forget.  At least I'd be home to let him out should I mess up.   It's not negligence, actually, but rather a case of having too many things to do at one time.

I've cut both Tucker's and Chance's feed back to about 1/3 of what they were getting before. Lacking a bathroom scale big enough to weigh them, I'm not sure how much weight they may have lost--if any.  If I don't give them some more exercise, maybe I ought to get them a treadmill.  Too bad I can't set up a system where they could work on a treadmill to power some of the work I need to do around here.  (grass cutting machine, post hole digger, tree trimmer, stall cleaner, etc.)  Anyone have any brilliant ideas??? *vbwg* 


  1. If only there was some way to harness the energy and power of those horses. I am sure they would be more than happy to help!

    I understand your reluctance to take on a boarder, even if you did have room. It's nice to have your own space and complete control of it. Kids very much need supervision, especially around horses and farm equipment. A young woman, in her early twenties might be just the thing, perhaps in community college.

  2. teach them to drive, and try and find one of those very old victorian horse powered lawn mowers?

    or just have them eat the lawn, LOL!

    actually, a thought, on tucker's lameness - some of those weeds he may in fact want to eat! natural painkillers.. they do do that!

  3. Update. I mowed the lawn and weedwhacked the front bank. Then I quit before tackling the weeds around the trees and such in the back yard. I will save that for another day.