Monday, June 14, 2010

Well Now I Understand

Why So Tired?

Why the nap, and why was I so tired?  I woke up with a sore throat and now I am getting a stuffy nose.  Clearly I am fighting off a cold.  I don't have a fever as of last check, but I am achy and coughing off and on.

Could be from the swimming, of course, or I might have picked up something from one of the kids at school.

I'll just take it extra easy for a few days.  I bought some hot and sour soup, and some chicken noodle soup at the Chinese food bar at ShopRite.  And I got some orange juice.

I have cold meds and aspirin at the hand, and hot tea.  I'll sniff some tea tree oil steam, and take some extra vitamins. 

I am not happy to be sick, but rather satisfied to know my tiredness had an actual physical cause.

The Boys are hanging out around the barn.  The mosquitoes are horrible.  I have the fans blowing in their stalls so they do have some refuge.  The rain is not helping the bug situation.

Some good news on the outdoor kitty front. I actually managed to pet Patches yesterday.  And he is coming into the carport when I feed him letting me sit close by as he eats.  He was shy of my hand this morning, but given time, I think I will be able to tame him.  He has been making overtures to me lately, rolling on the ground not to far off, but if I approach he runs off.  Still, it's a far cry from the way he was a year ago.

I just need to be patient.


  1. Anonymous7:59 PM

    Take it easy until you feel better. Glad the stray kitty is warming up to you a bit - he'll welcome the comfort once he gets used to it.

  2. Take care of yourself and feel better soon. I'm sure you and Patches will be great friends one day soon.

  3. I hope your cold is short-lived.

  4. Get some good rest so your cold does not get any worse!