Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Sound At Last!

Triple Lunge

Let me start of with the weather report, mostly because it ruined my plan for the day.

After school, I headed over to the pool for a swim.  I managed three laps before the lifeguards called us all out because of the thunderstorm fast approaching.  Apparently, it's not even safe in an indoor pool because the pipes, etc. are outside and a lightning strike would be conducted into the water.

Since waiting it out would put me about a half hour behind time, I decided to call it quits and headed out to my car in what was the start of a torrential downpour.  I was wet already, so it didn't matter too much.  I drove off and about three miles out, the roadway was completely dry.  I stopped at the supermarket to pick up a few things I needed and while I was there, another torrential downpour hit that area--only a few miles from home.

Once again, on the road, I stopped at a neighbor's house to get some more petition signatures and then made my way home.  The Boys were fine, sheltering under the run in on the east side of the barn.

It took a couple hours for things to dry out a bit, so I headed out to lunge the Boys.  Toby was in the barn, so I caught him easily and he was first.  Nothing need be said about him. He is almost always perfect on the line. The only trouble was the very nasty and persistent deerflies that seemed to be out in force. I guess the rain encouraged them.

Tucker was close by, so I got him next, holding my breath as he trotted out to the end of the line.  Not a hint of a limp!! Nothing!  Sound!! Both directions.  I gave him a moderate workout both trotting and cantering and he looked just fine.  I will take it easy with him for the time being, but it looks like whatever is bothering him seems to be gone.  ????????????

I got Chance out last and he too was a good boy.  What pleases me the most is how relaxed and balanced he is now on his right lead.  No longer does he rush around, inside out as if he has to go fast to keep his balance. He looks to be a happy camper in both directions.

Now, if I can just get my motivation up to do some riding/training, I will ride this week.  I need to get on Toby too so he is a little more fit to give a lesson.  Chance just needs training and, apparently, I can start to get Tucker in shape so he can resume some dressage training.

Swimming will help me get my own fitness back, so all I have to do is hope the darn thunderstorms stay away!!


  1. Time heals, sometimes. Hope all continues to be well.

  2. Oh GREAT news! I am so pleased for you. I hope Teena will get the hint of her Amercican cousin, and gets sound soon.

    Here teh weather is very ... dubious, warm, but not as hot as it supposed to be. Stroms, chilly winds. Boh? Winter is not over yet!

  3. Good News! I am glad to hear that Tucker was sound :)

    and thanks so much for all your encouragement!

  4. I thought that there would be bugs galore after the downpour.

    What a relief that Tucker is now sound. To even lunge three horses in an evening is quite an accomplishment.

  5. good news.

    who was it said a while ago, back in the day if no one knew the cause of a lameness we'd just put them in a field for a bit...

    i sometimes think (and not just re horse health, but people health too) that because we know and can know so much, we expect to know so much...

  6. Claire this is a profound comment. I will keep it in mind.
    You are definetely right, sometimes, what we all need is just a bit of time-off.

  7. Woo! Glad to hear Tucker is looking better! I laughed reading about your adventures with the intermittent downpours; it was exactly what happened to me when I was out running errands yesterday, except I live in the Midwest! I agree with Mary Lou. It's quite the accomplishment lunging all 3 boys in one evening.