Saturday, June 26, 2010

8:15 AM And All Is Well

Chain Reaction

I woke up at 6 AM, despite its being Saturday, and my cats insisted that it was not time to lie around when there was food to be had.  So I got up anyhow.

Getting the cat food off the back porch stirred up Patches outdoors so he started fussing.  Taking his food out caught the notice of the horses and they came to full attention.

No choice left. My intention to sleep late was thwarted by a Follywoods chain reaction.

But it was a cool morning, so I took the opportunity to lunge the Boys--all three of them.  Tucker seemed quite content to be caught and to my relief also looked completely sound on the lunge line.  So I gave him a bit of a workout, with lots of trot/canter transitions.  Not a long session, but one to once more start building him up.

Toby was NOT pleased to be captured and he did try to elude me, but he made a false step hiding behind Tucker and I snagged his flysheet in my hand. After that, it was a full surrender.  I gave him a short lungeing session as well, again, just to try starting a legging up program again.

Chance took off too, something he has unfortunately learned from Toby.  He went into the second section of paddock, then cantered around me and headed back to the front area where the other Boys where and stood quietly and willingly for me to put the halter on.  I don't think he's actually trying to run away, but he may think, since Toby does it, that it's some kind of required game I like to play before I catch him???

I worked him about the same as Tucker.  He does prefer canter to trot and will go into a little slow, relaxed, totally lacking in impulsion canter on each lead to evade trotting out.  It's kind of endearing as his canter is super comfortable when I'm in the saddle, but it does not have the same muscular effect as a good forward trot.  We'll work on it and the trot/canter transitions do help a lot.

So, by a bit before 8 AM I was done working all three of them.  I fed, cleaned the stalls and picked up around the paddock and came back inside for my own breakfast.

No bugs in the shady arena, so it was a good time to work. If I could only discipline myself to make it a habit, I might actually get some riding in this summer.

Yep, that's one big IF..... 


  1. I think it's a great idea to get out there early in the morning. It's cooler and less buggy. I try to do it too but sometimes lack the motivation to get out of bed early,it's something I have to work on. This morning we were done by 10:30 which wasn't too bad.

    Glad to hear everyone got worked and was sound. It's a start that I hope continues so you can get a summer full of riding under saddle.

  2. Anonymous1:05 PM

    That's impressive to get so much work done so early - I might have to give that a try, particularly while Dawn and Maisie are in the little dry lot in the morning - it's hard to be herd bound when your friend is right there.

  3. The description of your morning makes me feel ready for a nap:)

  4. very impressive! it is good doing stuff in the morning, if you can...

  5. I love working early in the day in the summer. It's a special time. Silly Chance, you two need to have a talk. I hope you had nap!