Tuesday, June 01, 2010

One Of Those Days

Monday, Monday

It promised to be a hot day, and it was.  But I took advantage of the morning to mow the lawn...well.

First, I needed to put air in the tires of the lawn tractor/mower.  This means, at the moment dragging an extension cord to that part of the garage since a short circuit has made the wall sockets there dead.  No biggie, just annoying, as is the fact that the tires keep going soft.

Got the mower out and off I went, managing to get the front lawn done, but as I was working on the side front lawn--farthest from the house, I ran out of gasoline.  I trekked back up to the garage and got the little can to fill the tank again.  Off we went mower and I to nearly finish that part of the lawn until I mowed too close to a lilac bush and hung the mower up on a little stump.  Now the tractor was stuck. 

Went back up to the barn to get the Kubota tractor and the tow line and drove that down to pull the mower out of the bush.  Put the Kubota back on the back lawn only to find that now the lawn tractor would not start. The battery seems to be failing. 

Walked back up, got the Kubota again and pulled the lawn tractor up to the front of the house where I could hook up the battery charger.  Left both tractors on the front lawn for the time being and went inside to eat some lunch as the morning had already passed me by.

Fortunately, the battery was the problem, so I managed to finishe mowing the rest of the lawn. 

But now I needed more gasoline since I'd  used up the last I had in the cans.  It was pretty hot at this point, so I decided to go to the swimming pool to cool off.

So did just about everyone else in the area.  I had to park out in the auxillary lot a fair hike from the pool entrance.  To my surprise, however, the water was absolutely delightful!!  Warm enough to feel good and cool enough to feel even better on a hot day.  I did my laps, rode around the lazy river a few trips and hiked back to the car.

Then I took a trip to Home Depot to get another extension cord so I can leave one set up in the garage for the compressor and battery charger in case I need either one next time.  And, on the way home, I stopped to fill up two gas cans for later use. 

By that time, it was time to feed the Boys.  I figured I'd be able to work them after they ate.

But thunder was rumbling in the west and south.  Sure enough, a series of thunderstorms made their appearance, ending any plans to ride or lunge. 

Murphy's Law was governing the day. 

Don't think the horses cared. 


  1. But you battled through it and got some things accomplished. Gold star to you!

  2. I feel hot and tired just reading of your lawn mowing ordeal. We have the tiniest patch of grass here and I can cut it with big clippers!

  3. Sounds like you had a really lovely time today...not! Glad you at least got to cool off in the pool for a bit.

  4. sounds like me the other week, all that work!

    and your poor knees...

    i hate murphy, don't you?