Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another Hot Day

I Just Kind of Gave Up

Weater forecast issued a warning to avoid physical activity because of the severe heat.

I did. 

Hence, I accomplished very little.  I did clean the stalls and the run in shed, so that's done.  I contemplated mowing some of the lawn, but the darn tires were flat again, and that meant dragging extension cords, etc. to get the compressor going. 

And, I thought about a swim...but that, to me is my afternoon activity and as I contemplated, the sky grew darker and darker. 

At that point, Stacie called me to report on her new horse's performance at the show yesterday.  Pavanna was an absolute angel in the new surroundings of the showgrounds--warming up in the indoor and then competing outdoors to the tune of two over 66% scores at first level.  Stacie was not riding this time.  She has a talented trainer working with the mare and felt she needed to build some confidence before taking her out herself.  No worries there.

Now Stacie is psyched for the clinic she is going to next weekend.  I am so happy for her after all she has been through first with all the efforts to get her beloved Lucky sound again, and then trying to find a new horse.  It looks as if she now has a gem to enjoy.  Yippee!!

Well, during the phone call, it got even darker out and thunder started rumbling on the horizon.  I went out and fed the Boys, encouraging them to come in from the pasture so I could shut the gate to keep them from hilltopping during the storm.

So far, all we've had is a spritz of rain, so the cell may yet pass us by. 

Right now, everything is on hold. 


  1. I'm glad to hear your friend Stacie is enjoying her mare and they did so well at their show.

    It's miserable here too, spritzing and humid. By the time I got done riding this morning you could have rung out my clothes. Hope it cools off soon.

  2. Anonymous5:17 PM

    Glad Stacie's mare is working out so well.

    Stay cool!

  3. Anonymous8:41 PM