Sunday, May 02, 2010

Well Now, Much Better

Despite the Escape

When I woke up this morning, Tucker's stall door was open and he was out in the field with the other two Boys.  H-m-m-m.  SOMEBODY must have opened his latched stall door.  That SOMEBODY needed to have done it from the outside.  Is there a CHANCE it might be SOMEBODY with good lips? 

On the plus side, to all intents and purposes, Tucker was pretty sound looking at the walk.  I put him back in his stall while I went to church and when I got home, I let him out to graze on the lawn for about a half hour.  Well, he was rather excited about that. and took off before I could stop him--trotting pretty sound as well.  But it is hard to tell when a horse is excited like that because often he will ignore any pain in the thrill of the moment.

After a bit, I put him in the arena and there, he was a little off at the trot, but SO much sounder than yesterday.  And, since he has no shoe on that one foot it was hard to tell if he was taking a short step due to that or due to a real limp.

I showered him off, soaked his foot and wrapped it up again with Icthamol.  I will definitely leave him in tonight and tomorrow--it is supposed to rain for at least half the day--and then reevaluate when I get home from school.  While I still have not seen evidence of a draining abscess, something may have broken through somewhere.  There was some poultice left on his foot, even after soaking, so I couldn't quite see everything.  Tomorrow, I will give it a good scrubbing with some soap and water and give it a good look over--presuming, of course, that he is even sounder than today. 

Then, I guess, it will just be a matter of getting Scott to reset the shoe with even more of a rolled toe. 

Here's hoping the unplanned night out didn't cause any extra problems. *sigh* 

Oh yes, I have secured the stall door with a rather escape proof latch arrangement.


  1. we think molly had an abcess that we hadn't even noticed ...

    weird, abcesses ....

  2. I agree with Claire, abcesses can be so strange. a couple years ago when the farrier was shoeing him he trimmed right into a an abcess cavity. I never even knew he had had one! Strange.

    Your horse buddies really like to look after each other! :)

  3. You have to wonder about the communication between them. Did Chance do it because Tucker wanted him to or was it just something fun to play with.

  4. It is always scary to find an empty stable. I hope you have find a Chance-proof lock, but horses can very clever in their own way ...

    I am glad Tuck is feeling better, but I agree with everybody else, abcesses can be very funny ....

  5. The inmates are conspiring against you! Too funny!

    I'm glad Tucker seems better, maybe it was just a bit of a bruise or something.

  6. I wonder if Tucker and the Equine Escape Artist Dudley are related.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond