Saturday, May 15, 2010

Still Waiting

No Big Change

Tucker was out on the lawn for about an hour, roaming free.  I do have gates across the driveway and fencing too, so there was no place for him to go.  Hand grazing was just taking too much time and I needed to clean his stall while he was out.

He did do a bit of frolicking, but not much.  At some point the hoof bandage came off--it was not one of my better wrapping jobs--so I put a boot on.  I have to be careful with the boots as they do tend to chafe, but for a short time, they are OK. 

After I got my chores done, I brought him back in and re-wrapped the hoof.  The vet had called to check on him and suggested that since we didn't know where the abscess might break out, it might be a good idea to either put some Animalintex on his coronary band or to use some Icthamol there.  I opted for the Icthamol this time.  I will probably go to the feed store a bit later and might pick up some more of the Animalintex in sheets and use that next wrap.  My new order of vetwrap arrived the other day--25 rolls--so I'm set there.  Pretty good deal on the Internet, less than a dollar a roll. 

So we are still at the same place we were several days ago.  The only good thing is that it's the weekend and I can let Tuck out for a graze twice a day instead of just once.  At least that gives him a little more joy in his locked in life. 


  1. Wow, 25 rolls - that ought to last a while. Hopefully with him self grazing you can actually get some riding in. We are having perfect spring weather, cool at night but a nice sort of warm in the day.

  2. could you try wrapping with the addition of a diaper and some duct tape for more firmness/"stickonness" - and let him out anyway, if you're only poulticing and it's not muddy? it should all stay on and would improve both your lives...

  3. What a great price for vettrap. It costs a FORUNE here !!!

    I hope Tucker gets better soon!