Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Air Assault

But For a Good Cause

I locked Toby and Chance in and put Tucker on the lawn.  The pulse in his right leg was down again, so that's good.  I figured some nice quiet turnout time would be good for him.

When I went back out about an hour and a half later he was all sweaty.  Turns out the heliocopter had been flying over, spraying for mosquitoes.  I guess that set him off on a lawn frolic.  He seemed to have settled down again, so I thought perhaps I could lunge the other Boys.

The arena is well removed from the lawn area, separated by the front paddock.  Whatever had riled Tuck up was still in effect.  Several times, while I was working Toby, Tuck raced across the grass--looking good, I must admit--but the idea had been for a slow moving turnout. *sigh*

I gave Toby a good work on the lunge, brought him in and then brought Tuck in.  This time his wrap had stayed on.  The bandaid is still working just fine--cheap at 10 for about $1.99--and the foot pulse was about the same as in the other leg.  Good news. 

After I rewrapped Tuck's hoof, I took Chance out and lunged him.  Well, the aftereffect of the Tuck romp seemed to be sticking as Chance bolted off, pulling the lunge line out of my hand.  He galloped around the arena with the line trailing and then came to a stop in front of me as if to say,  "Why did you let go??" 

Sorry, Chance. I can't hold on to 1100 pounds of plunging horse!!  And my knees won't let me run with you, so you were on your own. 

We finished up the session with some nice work and that was my evening. 

I did swim at the pool again after school, and I plan to swim again today. 

Things are looking up---at least for heliocopters!!!  (Not sure they got all the mosquitoes, either. I still got a few bites.)


  1. I'm so jealous of you for having a helicopter spraying for mosquitoes. Where I live we're not allowed to upset the delicate environmental balance. God forbid we should kill a mosquito or tick around here. It's better if people get diseases instead of swatting a bug.

    Anyway, glad everything seems to be going okay and all the boys are doing well. I love it when they do something stupid and then look at you like it was your fault!

    I wish we had a pool around here where we could swim. Unfortunately, I'd have to put one in if I wanted to get in a few laps.

  2. Chance looking at you like that made me think of how horses often look at you after they manage to dump you off. "What are you doing down THERE? Why didn't you stay up there?" :-) Glad to hear it sounds as though Tuck is doing alright.

  3. Anonymous10:49 AM

    Glad the cheap bandaid fix is working, and that Tuck seems to be improving.