Sunday, May 09, 2010

Maybe an "Aha" Moment

Feeling Darn Good

It looks to me as if there is a breakthrough on Tucker's hoof, right at the heel/cornary band.  It does like strikingly like Chance's heel when an abscess broke through on his hoof.

Trouble is, there is a little lifted flap of skin there kind of full of white poultice and no sign of any kind of yucky stuff.  Then again, I never saw stuff draining out of Chance's foot either, so that may not mean anything.

The key here is that Tucker is really looking sound in comparison to the past few days.  I would not put him at 100% for sure, but without a shoe on a foot that has been hurting for a week, what should I expect? 

I took him out to graze on the lawn for a half hour or so.  Twice he spooked and tried to romp off--I had him on the lunge line, ready for such an emergency--and he certainly had no problem putting full weight on the bad foot.  It was very, very windy again, encouraging flighty spooks and such.  Considering that, he was very well behaved for a horse that's been locked in for so many days. 

I called Scott to give him the heads up on this, but I had to leave a message.  It is Mothers Day here in the USA, so I am hoping he, his wife, and family are taking the day to celebrate.  So if he does call me back, it will probably be late.  I guess somehow we will have to decide if I'm going to need to keep that vet appointment for x-rays. 

Tucker has not had any bute since the first dose, so that certainly can't account for his sudden improvement.  That makes me even more suspicious that an abscess did open at that spot.  So, once again, I guess I just have to wait and see how things go.

The wind was vicious yesterday afternoon, last night, and for most of today.  There is another large maple branch down in my yard.  Looks like I have to do some tree tending again.  I do need to mow the lawn as well, but before I do I have to pick up all the other less, but still "lawn mower attacking" branches that had blown down as well. 

Nothing's ever easy.  *sigh* 

But Tuck's looking good, so I still can smile.


  1. I'm so glad things are looking up! Here's to hoping that you're right, and it's just an abscess.

    When all is over though, I bet he will be tickled out of his wits to be back out in the sun with his friends though.

  2. Linda had an abcessess while I was on holiday ... the only sign was a deep clean cut at her coronary band of hind hoof. No others signs, no inflammation, heat etc... she did it all alone ;-P

    I am so glad that Tucker is feeling better. I hope you won't need the vet again.