Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So Here's the Plan

Light At The End Of the Tunnel?

Scott and the vet talked again today.  If Tuck has an abscess, it is definitely a strange one....but there is some general agreement about what to do.

Scott will be back here on Friday--Saturday at the latest.  He will examine Tucker again.  If he does not find an abscess, or if nothing blows by then, he will do some work on a suspected bit of infection in his toe and put a shoe on. 

At that point, I am hoping Tuck can get some turnout, even if it is limited. 

In the meantime, I am keeping him totally in so he does not aggravate anything.

My back is getting slowly better, and I am hoping I will have some time after school tomorrow to get in a bit of a swim.  I now have a pass and the pool is definitely open when school lets out.  I think at this point a swim would do me some good, both mentally and physically. 

Speaking of, I am still having a good time teaching at the academy.  The kids seem to enjoy my class, especially reading and acting out the Shakespeare plays.  I'm quite impressed at how well they can understand what's going on and "suit the action to the word," as Hamlet would say. 

I had the 11th graders read "The Other Side of Stick River Road," today.  That's the driving play I wrote last year.  They did seem to relate to it.  Their formal dance/prom will be held next week, in New York City.  While they will be taking a bus from the school to get there, driving to and from the bus is always a concern.  They had some really good discussions after they read the script today, especially, so I'm hoping they will think a bit more about safe driving over the next few months. 

Anyway, I just hope I am making English class something worthwhile and special for these students.  I know I am getting a lot out of teaching them and I'd like to think they are too. 

I also went to my surgical doctor today for a 4 month check up.  Everything is still fine.  Maybe in five years I will be considered cured?  That'd be nice. 

Something to look forward to. 


  1. Glad your check-up went well, and that your classes at school are doing well too.

    Tucker's ailment is mysterious - hope he gets out of prison soon, and that your back continues to improve.

  2. Sounds like a good plan. Hurry up and wait. *L* Glad your back is feeling better, too.

    Good luck and I hope Tucker's foot works itself out soon!

  3. Swimming is good for the soul and I am sure that you will make it good for the body too by taking it easy on your first swim of the season. Excellent on the check up! Soon Tucker will be out of solitary. Things will get better! And I am sure that those students are very lucky kids to get you for a long term substitute!