Friday, May 14, 2010

Status Quo

Nothing Yet

Still no progress on Tucker's foot, although the Animalintex pad did keep it wet just in the one spot we are suspicious of.  No change yet, and no popping abscess.  I keep hoping.  Scott said he was coming back again this weekend, so maybe he will find something now that we are focusing the soaking on a particular spot.  *sigh*

With a meeting one day, the vet one day, and choir rehearsal one day, I simply haven't had any time to do anything except tend to Tucker.  Since he is locked in his stall all day, I take him out to graze on the lawn for 45 minutes at the least. This gives him a chance to enjoy the sunshine, eat some grass, and wander around a bit--under control. 

Then I have to put him on the crossties so I can clean his stall and, eventually change his hoof bandage.  By the time I am done with that, I need to feed all three Boys. 

So, I've had really no time to ride Chance or Toby.  I think Chance is feeling a little neglected, as he keeps coming to me for hugs--which I always have the time to offer. 

Regardless, times like this, having the Boys in the backyard is a true blessing. If it takes this much time at home, I can only remember with pain how much more time and effort it took to care for a wounded Boy at one of the boarding stables--usually some 14-15 miles from home. 

I don't miss that at all. 

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  1. It's no wonder you don't have time to ride! Tucker's mental well-being is just as important as his physical health so it's well worth taking the time to hand graze and just spend time with him. He might enjoy a session of stretching for carrots. I have seen these containers, like octagons that you can put grain into and they roll it around to get the grain out. That might amuse him for a while. At least he is not in a lot of pain; I know that doesn't solve the problem and make him rideable but it could be a lot worse. You wouldn't think a foot could hold so many mysteries!