Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Status Quo

Tucker and I

It's not easy keeping that pad on Tucker's foot.  Yesterday, it was off in the morning, so I had to re-wrap him before school--which threw off my schedule.  That meant I had to get up early to wrap it again today. 

The pad was off again and the vetrap and duct tape with it were all buried in the stall bedding. *sigh*  I had to sift around to find it.  Wrapped him back up this morning.  Hope it's on by evening.

My back?  No appointments available at the chiropractor. But if the receptionist had let my doctor know, I am 100% sure he would have seen me.  But she said, "We can't do that," and left me hanging.  Had my brain been thinking faster, I would have tried to make an appointment with the other doctor and at least gotten in.  Fortunately, I am functional with my back out like this, although I really do have to be careful how I move.  So I didn't quite want to classify it as an emergency. 

At any rate, I did get an appointment for this afternoon, after school, so I'll move carefully for one more day. 

Tucker's the same and I'm the same.  So this post is just "ditto." 


  1. Feel better soon - both you and Tucker!

  2. Hope you both feel better soon.

  3. Not to minimize your frustration but this has got to pass, right? Must be the most stubborn abscess on record. I look every day to see if there is progress and one day there will be. Hang in there!