Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Well, At Least I Got Somewhere

But Tucker??

Still no sign of a breaking abscess with Tucker.  I did manage to keep the pad on his foot all day this time.  But so far, he still has a pretty strong pulse and doesn't show any more signs of change.  Frustrating is not enough to explain how it's going.  What I feel most bad about is keeping him in.  I'm not sure when Scott is coming back, but this time, I am not even taking Tuck out on the lawn.

Instead, I am picking grass for him and feeding him with it in his stall.  Poor kid. He is being pretty good about all this.

It was raining yesterday, so inside was a good place, but today the sun is breaking through and it will be sunny and warm tomorrow and Friday as well.  Bummer for the Boy.

I managed to get to the chiropractor.  My lower back was a mess.  It's much better this morning but still not quite eased up all the way.  I have another doctor's appointment after school today, so I can't get readjusted if I need it, so I'll just see how it goes.  I think it's getting better.

I did find out--something I hadn't thought of myself...duh!!--that there is an indoor swimming pool here on campus and as a faculty member, I can use it!! Outdoor swim season may start at the end of this month, but then it's only on weekends and, if the weather keeps up its current pattern, it's going to be too cold for me!

So, having access to an indoor pool is just perfect! I can swim before school if I want to get up REALLY early--like around 5 AM--or after school, which would probably be better.  If I only swim for a half hour or so I'll still get home early enough to take care of the Boys in a timely fashion. 

I'll test it out, perhaps tomorrow, and see how things go. If I get a chance today, I'll go over to sign up and take it from there.

Now, if only I can get Tucker better......


  1. Swimming Pool is great news. Tuck's holding pattern is tough to swallow, especially on a nice day when you could be out and about with him. Can he go swimming too?

  2. I forgot to ask if he wears Board Shorts or a Speedo?

  3. LOL, ER!

    all i can say is, the mind boggles what it is if it isn't an abcess...

    why do scott & vet want you to keep him in?

    and of course, we know what's done your back in...

  4. Glad that your back is starting to feel better and very lucky that you have a pool to take advantage of!
    Hoping that Tucker gets to feeling better quickly!