Friday, May 28, 2010

Busy, Busy

Look, At Least I Am Exercising

I went for my swim after school.  On the way home the clouds began to gather. 

I'd left all three Boys out for the day, but the pasture was open so, once again I was worrying about thunderstorms.  Got home, brought them in and fed them. 

By the way, Tuck looked to be walking with BIG sound strides.  I didn't see him trot. 

Phone call from the vet who was checking on his progress.  She offered that the next step would be progressive nerve blocks to isolate the lameness.  I told her we were just going to wait to see how he was turned out.  I know she wants to be more proactive, but my bank account wants to be less proactive for the time being....unless I win the lottery. 

By the time I had to leave for my rehearsal--duet for church in July--the skies had really darkened and lightning was on the horizon.  I shut the pasture gate to keep the Boys in the smaller paddock/barn area and headed out.

About 15 minutes into our rehearsal, the skies opened with a dark, wet thunderstorm.  It probably hit at my house a big earlier as it was coming from that direction, a bit less than 10 miles away. 

The swimming does energize me, so I am hoping it will get me back into my riding.  The lesson my friend and I had scheduled for today--Friday--is postponed, so I am planning on staying after school long enough to see the students arrive to get on the bus to their prom.  They are going to New York City for the affair and I'm going to enjoy seeing them all in their formal attire. 

No swimming today as the pool is closed and it looks like rain again. Just hope it hold off until the kids are safely on their way. 


  1. it always surprises me that the more exercise one does, the more energised one feels....

  2. Glad to hear Tucker was walking with big strides. Things might be looking up.

    Exercising is a great way to energize and I also find it helps me sleep better at night.

  3. Glad you are getting to continue the swimming. Regular exercise does great things for the body and mind!

    I hope Tucker keeps looking better nd better. I,too, wish that lottery money would fall into my bank account!

  4. Glad to hear Tucker seems a little better. Hopefully he'll just keep getting sounder. I hate these mystery lamenesses that horses get!

    I'll happily take some of those rain storms. So far all it's done down here is threaten. My pastures could use some water!

  5. Exercise energises only if you have had enough rest, so don't skimp on that. Iron too - I learned the hard way.

    So happy that Tucker is looking better and that he has turnout time now. It's so contrary to their nature to be locked up. He has been a good boy to put up with it.

  6. I completely support your "wait and see" policy Jean. Vets interfere far too easily these days. In the old days, you didn't go for a lameness workup (c. £300), the vet said "chuck it in the field for a month and see what it's like then" and of course most of them were absolutely fine!