Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dampish Dawn

And Was Tucker on a Roll?

Not sure, but I put Tucker out in the riding arena for the afternoon and he may have rolled in the sand out there.  He hasn't had a chance to do that since he's been laid up. 

There was a bit of romping when I first put him out.  I'm pretty sure the wrap came off his foot too, but there's not much I can do about that at this point.  If it has dirt in it, I am just going to have to scrub it out and rebandage the whole thing.  I bought some bandaging tape in the drug store the other day, but I don't think it's like Elastikon.  I've ordered some of the proper stuff off the Internet, but in the meantime, I guess I just have to make do with what I have. 

Every time I go out to check on him, Tuck just kind of looks at me as if to say, "So what am I supposed to do out here by myself?"  The other Boys are in the pasture with a gate between them and the arena.  I did close them out of the adjacent paddock as they would be running and playing back and forth along that fence, definitely stirring Tucker up into a frolic.  This way, once the novelty of playing a bit with each other at the gate wore off, Toby and Chance wandered off to graze, and Tuck was left to fend for himself.  He's not too happy about it, but I must admit of all the horses I've ever owned, he is one of the better ones about being separated from his pals. 

I am watching the weather, however, as it keeps showering and seems to be threatening some more serious rain.  If it does start up in earnest, I'll have to bring him in as the wet and mud would not be good for that open hoof area. 

You'd think someone would invent some kind of good, practical, durable hoof bandage that you could change each day, but would still survive a full day of horse standing and walking on it.  I think the old Elastikon I remember would, but it's not the stuff I have here.  I'll be interested to see what comes in the mail.  Meantime, I need to check another pharmacy to see what they might have. 

So much for the Follywoods report for Sunday.  Once again, not much happening.


  1. think someone does a poultice boot ...that may do trick?

  2. Yes vetrap or elastikon is the thing I have seen working on the horses of the yard ...
    It costs a FORTUNE!

    I hope Tucker gets better soon

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