Thursday, May 20, 2010

Into the Pool!!

Swimming is Indeed Good for the Soul

And the body!  It felt SOOOOOO good to swim again.  The pool at the college is the same length as the pool I swim in in the summer, so my lap distance was perfect.  I did 8 lengths, which rather surprised me.  I wasn't tired but my breathing needs work.  I was a little winded.

Happily my back felt better too with the swimming.  There were not too many people in the water, so I had a lap lane all to myself.  And, I was actually finished in less than an hour.  The pool is not far from the school where I teach and there is a faculty parking lot right across the street so I don't have to walk too far.  The only downside is that the pool is only open Mon-Thurs for now, so I can't go back tomorrow. 

Then again, that's just as well since Scott is probably coming tomorrow evening to work on Tucker, so I have to be home anyhow. 

But come Monday, I will be back in the water!! The pool was at 81 F today as well, a really nice temperature for me.  They had one of the outside doors open as well since it was somewhere in the 80's outside as well.  Once again we are going through some warm weather.  One of my friends who lives not far from me has an outdoor pool with a solar heating system and he said I could swim there anytime I wanted to, so if the weekend gets really hot, I'm going to take him up on it.

The nice thing about swimming is that it is high aerobic and low impact, perfect for my dreadful knees but good for building up my stamina.  I have a feeling I am still not quite totally recovered from my surgery--another friend told me it would be a full year before I'd be back to 100%. 

Meanwhile, my riding partner from across the woods would like to come over on the weekend to learn some dressage.  Her horse is laid up with some back issues and she would need to ride my guys.  I figure I can put her on Toby for a short session and then have her ride Chance.  The idea would be to feel how it's supposed to be and then to try to recreate some of it on a green horse.  I suspect her own horse is somewhere in between, so learning from a schoolmaster is great, but then she needs to be able to use the skill and understanding to develop her own horse.  She is an experienced rider, so there will be far less confusion than if she were a novice. 

Looks like the weekend will be busy in a good way. 

Should be fun, especially if Tucker gets a shoe on and can get some turnout time. 


  1. Great that you can swim - I've had ear troubles since I was a child and have never really been able to swim consistently without ear problems - it would be great for my back.

    Sound like fun work with your horse neighbor.

  2. I luuuuuve water and swimming is my second favourite sport. Actually I am back into training next month ;-)
    I wish I had the cash to start Pilates too, but hmm I have time but no money.

    Swimming is nicer anyway!

  3. that sounds like a good weekend planned...

  4. I envy your swimming pool right now...9 months pregnant + hot weather = Misery. Floating in a nice, cool pool sounds heavenly to me right now!

    Hope your farrier visit goes well and Scott is able to get to the root of Tucker's foot problem. Good luck!

  5. Swimming is one of the greatest exercises, I wish I had a pool to use but there's nothing around here.

    Have fun this weekend with your friend and the horses. Hope that shoe works out for Tucker and he gets to go out for a while.

  6. You're lucky it's so warm... I'm jealous. ;-)