Sunday, May 16, 2010


Can I Just Copy and Paste?

Scott was back out today.  Tucker is still showing a strong pulse in his foot and reaction to the hoof testers. 

Scott talked to my vet again and this time we added a pad to the bandaging/poultice routine.  So, now I put on the Animalintex, a hoof pad, the diaper inside out too keep it from soaking up the water from the poultice, a strip of poultice on the heel/coronary band,  a good wrapping of vetrap and then a layer of duct tape.  It's quite an engineering feat to get it all in place. 

The vets are still convinced it's an abscess. Scott is thinking it's something else. But what?? 

It's not helping me that I threw my back out somewhere along the way.  Nor did it help that I  weed whacked the 150' front bank and around most of the trees and house.  Shall I say that neither body nor mind managed to do any work with Chance again?? 

Currently the horses are just kind of big housepets....good for cuddling, caring for, and general adoration.  No work for them. 

Guess they don't mind too much--except for Tucker who is spending hours and hours in his stall. 


  1. Anonymous5:42 PM

    Oh no! - hope your back isn't too bad. Mysterious lameness is the worst - hope if it's an abscess that it shows up soon.

  2. Chance and Toby are fine, being outside they can move about and entertain themselves. So don't worry about not having time to ride Chancel; it's Tucker that needs your attention. It it's an abscess it sure is taking its time to work its way out.

    I hope your back doesn't hurt too much. Mine has been bothering me for a week now but it's helped a lot with tylenol, thank goodness. Since I had that tummy virus I don't dare to take aspirin or ibuprofen.

  3. It sounds as though you have a great support team in your farrier and vet. I hope all is revealed and resolved soon.

  4. I am sure your boys do not mind to be big housepets, they have plenty of turn-out and each others for entertainment.
    I am sorry to hear about your back. I hope you get soon one of miraculous chiro adjustement!

    For Tucker, fingers crossed, Abscess are tricky and long. I hope he recovers soon!

  5. Poor Tucker, I hope this resolves itself soon. He must be feeling miserable.

    It's too bad about your back, that's just what you didn't need right now. Feel better soon.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, I appreciate the input and am already doing most of what you suggested. I can't tell you how happy I am to actually have a horse that is forward for a change.

  6. Anonymous12:00 AM