Monday, May 10, 2010

Better and Better

Is He Really Sound?

Tucker looked good again this morning and tonight.  I still have to go out to soak his foot again and rewrap it.

Slightly contradictory advice here.  Scott told me to put some Icthamol on the possible drain site.  My vet called to check on Tucker's progress and told me just to wrap it without any icthamol.  Both options make some sense to me.  So, I am going to clean off all the poultice, scrub his foot clean, soak it in some epsom salt water, and then soak it in a mild Betadine solution. 

Then I will wrap it with a dry dressing just to keep out any dirt. 

Scott is still planning on coming some time tomorrow afternoon, so he will then be able to give me a good assessment and perhaps reset the shoe. 

I had Tucker out grazing on the grass again this afternoon and he looked great.  He is still being pretty quiet, but I can only imagine how he will be when he gets turned out with the other Boys again.  It should be quite a circus. 

One more day in for sure and then, perhaps, freedom.

Addendum:  I took Tucker out this morning--Tuesday--and lunged him for about 30 seconds.  He is still limping.  His walk looks just fine, but there is still definitely a limp at the trot.

We'll see what happens when Scott comes.


  1. I'm glad he's doing better. Good job with the conflicting advice. I would have been lost.

  2. Sounds like it probably was an abscess - hope he stays sound!

  3. I am so glad he is feeling better! I hope he will thrive nd be the usal naughty boy!

    Today I updated my blog ( very rare). Following your blog and Caroline, I took my courage in my hands, and I had my mare unshod. I tried again barefoot ... we will how we fare ...