Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Looking Good

But Not A Real Test Tonight

Tucker looked really good when he trotted across my lawn leaving hoofprints in the wet ground.  I let him go for a moment when I went to get something, and he decided romping would be fun.  That was his only trotting test tonight, as I did not lunge him.  I will check him more formally tomorrow.  He is being good about staying inside and once again we had some storms pass through. 

I still do not see any definitive sign of a draining abscess, so that is still unresolved as far as I am concerned, but if he is sound, then I'm guessing something cleared up.  If he looks totally sound tomorrow, I will call Scott to have the shoe reset. 

I did take a little time to lunge Chance.  (I had a chiropractic adjustment today, so I did not plan on riding.)

As always, he was a good boy and did some really nice, soft jumping over the little obstacle I had set up.  Nothing big, but just a tiny challenge for him to keep the session interesting.  He does not try to run out and clearly heads for the jump on his own once he knows that's my plan.  When it's that low, sometimes he will just trot it, but when I praised him for giving a nice relaxed jumping effort out of a canter, he seemed quite pleased and finished up with a lovely effort on each lead. 

I'm kind of glad I didn't try to ride as the mosquitoes are horrendous! With all the budget issues and money problems the State and local governments are having, I am wondering if they have any money to spray for the voracious little critters.  If we keep having rainy spells this summer, it will be impossible to spend any quality time outdoors.

I am going to dig out my own fogger, make sure it's working properly and see what I can do around my own property.  Maybe I can keep the miserable pests under some kind of control--but I don't want to endanger the baby barn swallows in my rafters or any of the bats I see flying around.

Guess I need to do some research on the insecticide the fogger can use. 

Another project.  *sigh*


  1. What an interesting project! We are okay so far with Mosquitoes. But I am not holding my breath. We have the tiger mosquitoes who eat us alive ...

    I do not mind insects, but mosquito is my least favourite specie on Earth.

  2. Mosquitoes already! Not fair!

    Encouraging news on Tucker. Even if he isn't totally better he is going the right direction and will be there soon. It's mystery though.