Monday, May 24, 2010

More of Same

Tucker Out, Pulsing Away

I let Tucker out when I got home from school.  I put Toby and Chance in their stalls so there would be no running around.  From what I saw, Tucker just kind of meandered about, nibbling grass.  If he ran, I didn't see it. 

When I brought him in to change his hoof poultice, he had a fairly strong pulse on the affected leg.  No noticeable sign of lameness, but a definite difference from his other foot. 

I did discover, however, that using a band aid--the kind humans use on cuts--works across the front of Tucker's foot.  It was the only part of the wrapping that managed to survive his turnout time.  That kept the hole in his wall clean and kept the poultice in place. 

I managed another swim after school today and plan on swimming all this week.  Then I have to figure out how to give Tuck some turnout and still work the other Boys. 

Gets a bit tricky when you don't have a lot of little paddocks.  Something will come to me sooner or later.


  1. Is Human band aid cheaper than the vettrap???
    That is the question! ;-D

    Enjoy your swimming, I have just booked myself into course for june in july ... back in training. I am sure my back will be happier!

  2. Ha, band aids! Can you subdivide an area using electric fencing?

  3. with mary lou = electric fencing... which you could also use to keep them off your wood fencing ordinarily as well, given they like wrecking that .. and since you've got solar powered electricity it shouldn't increase your power bill..