Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hay in the Rain and Sound on a Circle

Off to the Hay Man

My regular hay man did not deliver any hay this week, so I headed to my alternate source for some bales to tide me over.  Of course, it was raining this morning.

I took the car, into which I can fit 8 bales although the second four stick out the back and I have to tie the tailgate shut.--if you recall a hay trip cost me that tailgate when I backed into a tree, but that's another story.  That means when it's raining I need to cover the bales with a rainsheet to protect them for the drive home.

This hay place was just getting a huge load of very nice looking mixed hay as I arrived, but I bought some local grass hay instead. It was nice and green and I'm hoping the Boys will like it.  They are hay connoisseurs,  I fear.  But this time of year, even with the sparse grass I have they sometimes leave even their favorite hay when they can go out to pretend to graze.  It does look as if they are eating the new stuff, however, so that's a plus.

I helped my friend Shelley proofread her doctoral thesis today, so that took up most of the day.  Afterwards when I went out to feed the Boys, I lunged Tucker for a minute or so.  No sign of a limp on either side as far as I could see!!  So, fingers crossed, he may be over the mysterious lameness at last.

I still have to put the bandage and medicated fill in the toe of his affected foot and will have to so so until the hole grows out, but that's a far cry from a full foot bandaging job.  The best is that he can go out and just be a horse.  Apparently it's been good for him.

So, for now, "wait and see" is being quite successful.


  1. Sounds like Tucker is coming around nicely. We've got the same thing around here with hay, my herd also has very discriminating palettes and prefer to graze instead.

  2. That's great news about Tucker! Let's hope it continues. Either it's still a mystery or what the farrier did helped.

    Tetley and Fella almost always prefer to graze if there is enough grass. It must be like fresh fruit compared to dried.