Monday, May 03, 2010

Not 100%

But Better Still

I took Tucker out to the arena tonight for just a quick little lunge to see how he looked.  He is walking sound, but he still shows a bit of a nod on his right front as he favors his left front.  It is almost so slight to be unnoticeable.   Still I am not going to press the issue until I  think he looks better than that.

My vet called as well, just to check up and she was pleased to hear he was doing so much better. Apparently, she sent the X-rays to Scott with some shoeing recommendations.  She is still concerned about the appearance of a very, very slight coffin bone rotation in that foot.  However, I have an X-ray from years ago when Tucker had a hidden abscess in that foot and, as I recall, both my vet then and Scott were a bit concerned about something similar, so it may be congenital.  Scott will remember better than anyone as he is super conscientious about his shoeing and knows Tucker's feet better than anyone. 

We had off and on rain today with thunderstorms predicted for the night and possibly tomorrow.  It looks as if the other two Boys spent most of the day hanging out around the barn near Tucker, so I guess he wasn't too lonely even though he was confined to his stall.  If this turns into an extended layup, I will fix up Chance's stall and the run-in shed on the other side of the barn for Tuck, but for now he's fine in his stall. 

When I took the bandage and packing off his foot, I still could not see a sign of an abscess breaking through anywhere.  It's still a puzzle that needs to be worked out.  I just hope he continues to improve as he has over the last two days. 

On the up side, he is a very good patient and well behaved to handle both when I am wrapping his foot and when I took him out for about 20 minutes of grazing on the lawn.  How nice to have a horse with good manners.


  1. Hoping he keeps improving.

  2. Glad he at least got out for a bit of grazing - Maisie's not even getting that right now, just a quick walk across the aisle into another stall once a day so her stall can be cleaned. But she's very good as well, which does make things easier.

    Hope he continues to improve.

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