Monday, December 08, 2008

The Sunday Curse Continues

It Didn't Rain, But.....

This time it was windy. And I mean WINDY--the blow away, icy cold, knock down trees in the woods kind of windy. After hearing a horror story about a young woman killed by a tree branch while out fox hunting a number of years ago, my imagination waxes wild about riding out among the trees when it's as windy as it was.

Thus, hacks canceled. Riding canceled as well as it was just too darn cold.

I lunged everyone instead. The arena surface was good, not frozen, yet as the temperature was just starting to drop.

Tuck was a bit silly, esepcially on the woods side of his circles, with some squealing, bucks and shies, convincing me that not riding had been a good idea. But he never really bolted off, so our session was good otherwise.

Toby actually seemed to want to get caught, so I lunged him next and then gave him a nice little grooming afterwards, getting off the mud from where he'd rolled. On the lunge line he was practically perfect in every way.

I finished up with Chance. Interesting. He started off with a limp which I thought, at first was in his front, but then realized it was coming from his right hind. Since that's the leg I had my vet check out this summer when he could find absolutely nothing wrong, I kept going to see what would happen. After a little bit of canter on the left lead, the trot was fine. And then he looked sound on the right rein.

There is some kind of chronic problem there, but he seems to work out of it, making me think it might be a muscle issue. I will continue to monitor it and look into some supplements that might help. If you recall, he has "said" to the communicator that he had been kicked as a foal. This may be so. As I don't have any major plans for him in competition, if he does have physical limits, it's OK. But I certainly don't want to ride him if he hurts all the time. So far, it improves as he goes along, so perhaps if I get him fit it will not be an issue.

Once again, as I always say, "Only time will tell."

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  1. Remember that Chance does NOt have problem playing rough with Tucker! If he was really sore, he would not play.

    You are right you need to keep an eye on that hind.

    I enjoy riding more. But I loevworking horses on the ground. The sky is the limit with ground-work. and *I* know that I would not be able to ride because any heathl condition, I could still communicate and have fun with my horse.
    Just my take, some times I think that riding is over-rated ^-^