Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cold to Spare

Not My Day to Ride

I never did warm up today. It was frozen in the AM, then I went to the chiropractor and physcial therapy.

I was still kind of sore when I got home, but my friend, Bill, and I had to go to the bank to find out about opening an account for the Eastern Villages Association--our community activist group. We spent longer than we both expected there, and also ended up doing some grocery shopping.

When we got back to my house, Bill helped me clean up some of the branches piled on my lawn ever since the day before I hurt my knee again.

Got some work done, at least. Not sure the footing in the arena ever really got thawed, but I was too chilled to work up much enthusiasm for working the Boys. It's supposed to be below freezing again tonight, then warm up a bit tomorrow, and finally get really warm on Monday.

Tomorrow is also the Vespers service at church, so I must follow my tradition of taking extra care with the horses. Well over ten years ago, I fell off PJ out on a hack and broke my wrist. By the time it was set at the hospital, and I managed to get to the Vespers, the service was nearly over. I had had two solos, and someone had to step in to cover for me. So now I am somewhat superstitious and don't take the Boys out for hacks on Vespers day. I may just lunge them if I have time. It gets kind of close as we have church in the morning and then, have to go back for the later service. Since we have a choir party too, I need to make whatever dish I am taking. It's an easy salad this year. *G* Essentially, I am bouncing in and out all day long and may not be able to coordinate a horse session.

The hunters are still out in force. Yesterday, I passed a guy on the road with a deer on his tailgate. It always upsets me to see that. Bill had a dreadful story about someone shooting--a nd not killing--a deer immediately across the road from his house. (The police had to intervene on that one.) While I understand the reasons for hunting, it still breaks my heart.

Anyhow, from the looks of the place where the hunters park, the woods would not have been very safe today. Apparently it was the last day of the regular firearm season. There are a few muzzleloader days left, and bow season goes on for a while yet. The bow hunters aren't so scary so things should get a bit better in the next few weeks.

Now if my metabolism and the weather would just communicate better...but it's hard to adjust with the temperatures changing so much every few days.

Hey, at least my neck and back are feeling better now.

And Tucker can stay out for the night because the ground/mud is frozen.

And I'll go out to see if I can get a good picture of the moon for Claire.


  1. thanks Jean! still as large, then?

    but you can't hear a bow....where you can hear guns and thus know where they are....

  2. Bow hunters! Are you serious? You have people hunt deer with a bow and arrow? How incredibly barbaric .....

    We have deer here too and people sometimes "lamp" them illegally but so far we haven't had any organised cull, though it can only be a matter of time now there are so many.