Friday, December 19, 2008

Nothing to Report

Unless You Like Snow

Or sitting around watching it snow. Or working for an hour or so making sure the stalls are clean and tidy even though you have to push the wheelbarrow through the mud.

Suffice it to say the weather has been quite contrary. Right now I am at school and we are closing down early due to the weather.

More perhaps when I get home. I left Tucker in for the day to preserve his shoes. The snow is one thing, but snow over top of mud is another disaster for shoes altogether. Hoping I can turn him out for a bit in the arena later.


Doesn't look too promising. It was raining/sleeting when I came home. Really unpleasant out there. I have about an hour more before I go out to feed. I'll see how it is then. For now, just slop.

Bought a Fling-ama-string" ( for my kitties. It kept Reggie entertained for a good half hour or more already. He is really beating the thing up. I do hope it survives. One would hope it was tested with very determined cats. I did get a sale price, so it was under $20. Kind of expensive if it doesn't last through a cat attack.


  1. couldn't get in to comment last night.

    that looks rather good, might see about getting one for ours if we can get them over here...

    what do your cats make of it?

  2. Cute!
    Wish we had snow much better than this horrible rain....