Monday, December 15, 2008

This Is Ridiculous

Nearly 70 F Today

This weather is crazy. It was over 66 F when I was driving home from school.

I debated and debated about how to work the horses and finally settled on long lining Tucker. He was a super boy and worked really well on the lines for about 20 minutes or so--hard work. But even then he was getting sweaty so I stopped the hard stuff and decided to walk him out.

Now, mind you, while Tuck had some in hand work down at Kenny Harlow's, I really haven't focused much on that kind of training. And I have never done any of the "natural horsemanship" stuff or all the "joining up," stuff, or clicker training or any such "stuff."

Now, mind you I will not criticize any kind of work with a horse that encourages owners to really "work" with their horses but.....

With Tucker still in his bridle and surcingle, but completely loose in the arena otherwise AND with me not touching him in any way, we spent about 10 minutes just doing some simple exercises.

I said, "Come, Tucker," and he did, following me wherever I went.

I said, "Whoa," or chirpped to him and he stopped.

I said, "Back," and he backed up.

I said "Over" and he moved his hind end whichever direction I wanted.

I used to play with Russell R. like that, call him my obedience trained horse. But I have not really done any of that with Tucker.

So, without all the "Bells and whistles" of the "games" or the "TTellington Touch" or whatever, my horse responds to the basic commands and follows me like a tracking device. ( I was going to say puppy, but didn't think it suited The Royal Tucker.)

I suspect with just a little work, I could get him to do even more, but for now, I think he's just fine.

I put up the barn decorations with the star and then strung the lights on the fences by the house. I still have a few little decor to add to the back door area to finish up, but I am now officially decorated for Christmas. (Did this in the dark, by the way. It is quite cloudy, but I think that moonlight was filtering through the overcase--or else I just have great night vision!)

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  1. Have you seriously considereated Clicker training. I mean PROPER clicker training with variable schedule ect...

    I would use CT with a horse is in forced box-rest or because I cannot ride. It just stimulates their brain. They have to solve puzzles. I think it breaks their boredom.