Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Miracle

The Ice is Melting

After midnight here, so it is officially Christmas Day. I went over to my Aunt's house next door for our annual Christmas Eve--dinner, pressies, etc. and when we all started to head home we were greeted with NO ICE!

Within a matter of about five hours of darkness, the temperature had risen enough to melt nearly all the remaining snow and all but the thickest of the ice. It is close to 6oF right now.

The family gathering was lovely as always and I received quite a few really nice gifts--mostly clothes. My cousins also gave me a lighted horse picture, kind of a stained glass effect. I haven't quite decided but I may hang it over my gas fireplace. It really is very pretty.

When I got home I had another surprise. Somehow, Tucker had gotten himself out of his stall. I didn't notice at first when I went out to see how the footing was in the arena--still a ways to go, but as I headed back into the paddock, I heard the sweetest little nicker, and there he was, standing in the run in shed. He must have reached over his door and pulled the latch open. Since his stall was fairly clean, I suspect he'd been out for several hours.

He was perfectly happy to go back inside for the night even after I let Toby and Chance out to stroll around. Those two are not too likely to get into too much trouble with the footing.

I treated them all with carrots and apples both at dinner, and at late night feed. (Carrots with tops for dinner!)

If the temperature stays up for tomorrow, with the promised sunshine, we should be fine. It's windy now, which is good as well because it will dry things up a little.

Don't know if I will be able to ride anyone, but at least they will be out and about.

Thank goodness for Christmas miracles.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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  1. o - 60 in that time is good - but odd! hope you had a good day!