Tuesday, December 09, 2008

What A Ton Of Fun!!

Hacks in the Deep Dark Woods

It was a beautiful day! Cloudy, but warmish and really lovely.

Of course, I was stuck at school, suffering parents complaining about grades and teaching in a classroom with no real windows. The kids were great today, so that was good, but who wanted to be inside?

I rushed home--nearly hitting all green lights on the way and didn't get caught behind a truck!!--a miracle drive. And ran into the house to change clothes.

The solar guys are still on the barn roof, by the way, so I'm not sure what the status is of the system, but it's getting there....

I snatched Tucker from the paddock, threw on his tack and the bright pink quarter sheet and headed out on his Tucker Hack. Nifty little ride through the woods. He was a star! Just a little spooky about the discarded pumpkins along the now cut cornfield, but otherwise a good, solid, forward trail horse. I trotted him for a few circles in the arena when we got back and then hurried into the barn to untack him--leaving his sheet off as it was that warm--and put him in his stall.

Toby was easy to catch and I quickly tacked him up as the sun began to fade on the horizon. It was rather dim in the woods, but Toby and I know the trails well, so we had no trouble navigating until the last little bit trying to find the narrow trail back to the barn. Toby knew where it was, but I steered him wrong and with a sigh of resignation, he marched along until he got us back on track. Then back to the stable and in his stall.

By now, it was about 5 PM and essentially dark. I had already decided I could give Chance a little hack in the cornfield as it's open and we could see at least a little. But when we headed into the woods to go out there, he was so positively confident and happy, I decided to do the Tucker Hack on him as well. Horses must have really good night vision, because Chance never put a foot wrong out there. He was absolutely a perfect ride! It was so cool. I could see the basics, and since I'd already ridden the track twice, I knew where everything was, but Chance acted as if it were broad daylight!

What absolute fun! He is such a good solid little horse.

All of the Boys are good solid horses in their own unique ways. I am so happy to have ridden all three out tonight, and pleased as can be at how they all behaved. I know it should be no big deal, but it is.

I decided the other night that while I do love to train, I will not put any pressure on either myself or the Boys to become dressage stars. As I've said before, I didn't miss showing at all this season, and just don't have much ambition anymore.

Tonight, riding in the dark was too much fun to think about schooling! *G*


  1. I've always been amazed how much they can see when you ride in the dark. I envy you your night outings!


  2. what caroline said. which is why sometimes schooling in a floodlit arena you end up with them spooking at something they can see and you can't - i've not schooled in complete darkness, but have by moonlight (arena lights died one night)...

    i think most animals have MUCH better night vision than we do.