Monday, December 22, 2008


Just As I (Feared) Predicted

I left all three Boys in for the day and will keep them in tonight and for at least part of tomorrow.

The footing is absolutely treacherous.

I had to put my little spiky things on my shoes to go out to feed this morning. Tonight I drove the car right up to the feed room door. I still have to go back out to pick out the stalls, so the little spiky things will be back on.

Looked over at the yard across the way where they operate the heavy machinery. It looked like a huge skating rink.

Fortunately the temperatures are supposed to rise over the next few days going up as high as 50F by Christmas Eve--rain though. Then things will moderate into the 40's. That should do the ice in nicely.

Today was frigid. So cold, it hurt to go outside for any length of time. The wind was ripping too. I had Chance's top door closed to shield him for the day.

The heated buckets worked a treat. Each horse had a little water left in his when I got home--I had worried about that. Tucker drank from his unheated bucket first and finished about half of that and nearly the full bucket of the heated water. I think Toby drank some unheated too, but I'm not sure about Chance. At least his bucket was nearly empty so I know he had water. I filled them up again when I fed dinner and I'll go back out in a bit to do the stalls. I can't let the Boys wander in the aisle as I often do because of the extension cords for the water heaters.

I can't let them outside either because of the ice. I am afraid they will just have to be patient until things start to thaw out.

When I was boarding out one year, we had ice for well over a week once. I have feared that every since I brought the Boys home. The only thing I could do is pen in the little run in adjacent to Chance's stall--where I kept Tucker confined before--and let each horse out in that for a little while every day. That way they get to walk a little bit and see the outside world.

So...water buckets a big "A+" and the ice an "F."

AND, somehow I have to get some hay. My hay guy did not come with any. I called tonight and they were not there. I will call tomorrow morning and if I get no answer, I'll go to my other hay place and pick up some bales to tide me over.

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  1. not the weather to have no hay! hope they turn up for you!