Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Will I Ever Get Going Again?


OK, the solar panel guys were in full swing when I got home yesterday, so I didn't dare bring the Boys into the barn. I ended up feeding them in the riding arena, hanging out to supervise so Tucker didn't eat Chance's dinner.

The installers hung out until dark, and the Boys were stuck in the arena/pasture area. That, and the general mayhem of the installing, left me not too keen on trying to ride somebody. And, even if I did, I'd have to chase the non-ridden horses out into the pasture where they'd be stuck until I was done. Just too darn much work for a schoolday evening.

Tucker is wearing a Simple boot which really seems to fit his bare foot pretty well and, thank goodness, stays on. However, as I said yesterday, I really can't ride him in it as he is unbalanced and "limps" at the trot on the corners. He seems fine frolicking around himself without me, so that's a plus.

I found some really cool boots from Germany designed to keep a horse from pulling his shoe. I have ordered a pair for Tucker. My farrier has used the Hoof Armor with mixed success and is willing to try, but first I will go with the boots and shoes.

When I first got Tucker, he was a barefoot baby. I kept shoes off him and he was OK, but then had some stone bruises. When I did shoe him, front only, he moved much better and felt far more comfortable to ride. Then we had the issue with the hoof crack which seems to have grown out. But the lost shoes are a chronic problem. (His conformation and way of going). While I suspect, over time, he could be OK barefoot, it was not too successful when he actually was, so I am not too confident about it. Still, my farrier would be ready to see how it could go.

The Kavalkade boots are here:
Very interesting concept and it does look as if they would do the job. My farrier worries a little that they might chafe if used extensively for turnout. However, I was figuring to use them when the ground is bad, and then keep Tuck in the arena and pasture--as he is today--during the day and put him in the stall--bootless--for the night, at least when the ground is wet and we have mud. So the boots would come off every night.

Don't know if the solar panel guys will be done today, but the electrician is supposed to meet me to look things over. I also have a parent conference right after school.

Hate this time of year when the sun is down before 5 PM. It is not too inspiring to work outside.

Or am I just getting older??


  1. I can't wait to hear how well those boots work, I nearly bought some myself when mine still had shoes.


  2. Interesting design, never seen them before!

    I hope it works for Tucker!