Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rain and more Rain

Miserable Day

It was raining in the morning and just got worse as the day went on. I left Tucker in the barn for the day and I don't think he was too upset about it.

He'll have to stay in tomorrow morning too as the forecast calls for more rain until the afternoon. I hate to do it to him, but I just can't take the chance with those shoes. The mud is really bad. I'll turn him out in the arena when I get home from school so he can play a little.

Meanwhile the Solar system saga continues. The electrician was here today to install a new main panel and in the process, first didn't connect the outlet that my phone was using and then, for some reason kicked off my cable modem so I lost my Internet and my telephone in one shot.

Luckily, the electrician was still in the area, so he dropped by and found to disconnected outlet wires and fixed that. But the modem issue needed a call to the cable company.

Fortunately, I have a cell phone, so I called and set up an appointment for tomorrow evening. Then off I toddled to choir practice.

I came home and started getting rid of some of the extra phone wires I had near the computer, and in the process, unplugged (again) and replugged the modem and suddenly it came back to life!! It rebooted itself and I was back online and back with a telephone connection.

Now, what the heck was that all about? Maybe it just needed a nap? *G*

So I called the cable company to cancel the service call. My cancellation was handled by a lovely lady who asked me what I was going to do tomorrow now that I wasn't going to have to wait for the serviceman. When I told her I would be able to go (on time) to the school dance concert, I opened a whole "conversation" about her daughter, once in a color guard dance group with a marching band, and then the full story of her grandchildren. I mostly listened.

Don't know what it is about me, but somehow I seem to have a knack for making people want to talk to me, whether I actively solicit it or not. I thought, perhaps it was something sympathetic in my facial expressions, but since it happens on the phone too, it must be my voice.

Whatever the reason, I know a lot more about one Louisana family than I did some twenty minutes before. Note here: Louisana is a state in the USA, so I was not talking to someone in India about my Internet service. How refreshing.

So I am back online and back in communication with the world. And it's still raining.


  1. People speak to you because you are an empathic listener ^-^

    Here is the address of Helen's blog

    I think you would find it fascinating. Perhaps it is a good idea to start with the first post.

  2. Have you ever heard of Flanders and Swan Jean? They have a song called "The Gasman Cometh". It starts with "Twas ona Monday mo-o-o-rning the gasman came to call ..." and it goes through the week with a different tradesman each day putting right the mistake the one the day before made. It's hilarious, and your post reminded me of it!


  3. someone has probably put it on youtube ..