Friday, December 12, 2008

Wet, Wet, Wet

Soggy Everywhere

Roads flooded, as did the paddock by the barn, so I had mud to spare.

Even though the rain stopped, I left Tucker in for the day. When I got home from school, I turned him out in the arena/pasture combo along with Toby and Chance. Now there is a lovely full moon and it is so bright out there, I hate to think of bringing him back in for the night when I go out for late feed.

But, tomorrow is another day. Hopefully, his shoes will still be on and I will be able to ride in the daylight.

It's chilled off again, but on Monday it's supposed to be up near 60F again. Rollercoaster weather. Guess I'll have no excuses about getting the outside Christmas decorations up.

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  1. did you get a photo of that full moon? i really wanted to see it - it's apparently the biggest because it's the closest the moon has been to earth for a good while - but we had too much cloud